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Ball Gates

The ultimate reflex challenge! Swipe left and right to navigate through the gates.
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Games Free Naoki Komoto iPhone, iPad, iPod

Things get exciting at level 10. How many gates can you pass?


If I could give 0 stars I would

App is laggy due to overwhelming amount of ads. After every time I die I wait 20 seconds before I can play again. Anyone who gave this app a 5 star rating is probably a robot. Game concept is cool, game mechanics are terrible. I could write more but honestly I don’t want to waste more of my time. Just don’t download.

Trashcan Games

I can’t play this game without there being an add directly after plus they’re about 10 seconds long each time DO NOT PLAY!!


The game is great but I will never play it again because of the ads all these fun games being made by some sell out that wants money to remove the ads I will love when some one makes an app to remove all ads free

jojo shmo

Every time you die there is a ad and it’s annoying. When you try to ex out the ad it’s comes back up. You should stop the ads every time you die.


I almost threw my phone at the wall cuz of the amount of ads that have everytime u die , creators r whack


The game has a long add after every death and it’s very irritating.


Every time you die there is an ad. Would not recommend.

Too many ads
Jordan B731

I did a test and 100% of the time after I died there was an ad. It’s a cool idea for a game but I cannot enjoy it if there are so many ads.


Every time you die you get an ad. Are they expecting you to do all of the game in one try? It’s just so annoying that you have to wait 10 seconds every time you die to play a game. Just tone down the ads a little.

Annoying Ads
Kopi Anzetar

This game would be fun if it weren’t for the annoying ad after every single match. It made me so frustrated I deleted the app after 5 minutes.