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Reduce decision fatigue by automating decisions using the power of Machine Learning.
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Backseat will help you trim down on the decisions we make every day. Decisions like which coffee to order, how to spend family Sunday or even which movie to watch. All of your decisions will be saved and as the app gathers more data it will become better at making decisions.

Our app works by checking all the data on every decision it has ever generated such as date, location and behavioural data. You then can tell it how the decision panned out. The next time you run the same question it has learned more about you and will provide better answers. For example if you disliked your coffee at a local restaurant the app will suggest tea instead.

By automating the daily decisions you make, you will have more mental energy to focus on the decisions that do matter. We are determined to prevent decision avoidance, mental fatigue and irrational impulse decisions by reducing the amount of decisions you have to make every day.

Current features:

Snap decision
Quick decide between two or more options

Gather insight in your decisions

Quickly share a decision with friends or family

Using our advanced Machine Learning algorithm, backseat will try to predict the best decision for all of your questions


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