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Meet your baby Anna who can’t wait to have fun while you spend the day babysitting and caring for her. In this baby game you can act like a real mommy and care for your baby by getting her out of bed, feeding her, dressing her up in lovely dressup outfits, playing with her, bathing her after a long day, and putting your sleepy princess to bed! This is the most fun baby game for babies yet! So come and have fun today!
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Morning Wake Up
First it’s time to wake your baby princess up and get her ready for the day. Change her nappy and get her dressed for a yummy breakfast!
Cooking and Feeding Time!
It’s that time of the morning to feed your baby! Mix her milk, feed her bananas, give her vegies and make her smile! If she doesn’t like a food you will know, so keep her tummy full and a smile on her face!
Dress Up Time!

Before making her big debut at the park it’s time to dress her up in a stylish outfit! Choose from many great styles and outfits from pacifiers, overalls, dresses, shoes, hair pieces, hats and so much more! Your fashion baby is ready for her big outdoor adventure!

Play Time!

Play with your baby princess and have lots of fun in the play pen! Play with the ball, plane, car, spin top and more to make your baby smile. When she is happy and ready, move out into the park to play on the slide, swings, trampoline, and rocking horse. Remember a smiling baby is a happy baby!

Bath Time!
Get the soap and shampoo out and transform your dirty baby into a clean baby. Wash her hair, rinse her off, as well as soap and wash her body to rinse the dirt off. Once clean dry her with her favourite towel ready for bedtime!

Bed Time!
After all the fun she has had, your baby has become very sleepy. Soothe and rub her tummy to relax her, place a new nappy on her, tuck her in bed, and put on her favourite tunes to help drift her off to sleep.
What’s Inside Baby Games with Anna?
6 hairstyle choices – a hairdressers dream
7 fashion outfits for everyday wear
6 funky socks that match with 6 colorful shoes
6 colorful pacifiers in all sorts of styles
5 fashionable hats with fun style options
Baby Games with Anna Features
Wake your baby and change her nappy ready for the day.
Scoop the formula to mix the baby bottle
Play with her favourite toys and equipment at the park and play pen
Use the soap and shampoo to make her nice and clean
Tuck her into bed and send her off to sleep with her favourite tune
Kids just love playing mommy to babies. This free online baby game is the best helper game available for young kids.


Good but....
Cool person

The good thing is when it will teach you to play. The bad thing is when the baby start to cry.It will stop when you do it right.

Reminds me of baby hazel?☺️??.
Denile Bill QUinn & Kate

It's like baby hazel?☺️?.