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Baby Games for 1,2,3 Year Old

Baby Games is a happy and colourful game for toddlers and kids! The idea of the game is to tap Easter eggs to set cute monsters free and play with them. The funny monster surprise inside the Easter egg will always be different! Each monster is randomly generated and there are over 200,000 variations! Baby Games is designed from the ground up for babies, toddlers and small children.
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Games Free Antti-Pekka Lehtinen iPhone, iPad, iPod

Key Features
- The funniest monster game: tap Easter eggs to set cute monsters free!
- Tap Piñata Easter Eggs!
- Play with the happy monsters!
- Never ending game: Lots of fun for babies!
- Very easy to play: Ideal game for toddlers!
- Monster Creator: Design your own monsters!
- Farm and forest animals!
- Baby Games is free to try and contains In-App-Purchases!


no family sharing

Super cute idea, however, I purchased this app on my cell phone before downloading onto my toddlers iPad and once I purchased all levels I find out every level is the same but has a different background. Hmm ok. But after opening on the iPad (he has his own Apple ID) I find out that family sharing this app doesn’t give him access to the purchases I made. I would have to purchase the game again for him to be able to play all the levels. Sadly I deleted the app from his tablet and wasted my $4.99




My 5-year loves this game! He giggles hysterically when he tickles the monsters. Haha!

Great fun!

My boys are having a great time with this app. They love the fun monster drawings and how they fly around the screen. They are very into eggs right now seeing how close we are to Easter, so this is perfect.

Good game

Fun but can get boring quick but cute.Just make more FREE levels!

I'm 9 & love this game!!!!
Lil bites123

Awesome I'm 9 & love this game u should get it if u have a child that's love fun.....GET THIS APP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U should!!!!!! Yay!!


This is a good game for kids to play. Just a suggestion, there should be something where you can create your own monster in this app, where it takes all the features, colors, and shapes of the other monsters, and lets kids mix them up to make their own monster!


I just love it's a perfect game for kids and they Like a lot :)

My son

Loves this app he is addicted!!! Thank

great for babys

this app is great for my 1 year old, he just taps, and taps, and helps with his hand coordination. a little bigger kid may find it fun for about 10 min, and then loose interest