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Attack of the Flying Pigs

Attack of the Flying Pigs ("Flying Pigs") is a free strategy game for iPhone & iPad. Stop the stampede of pigs before they reach the ground!
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To play, use the slingshot to fling pigs into the herd. When you make clusters of three or more matching pigs, they fall from the herd and you score. Score bonus points by hitting the little pink flying pig as it zips by - but it's pretty hard, because he's pretty fast!

For straight lines, just tap where you want your pig to go. To go around corners, you can bounce your pig off the walls. The trick is figuring out the perfect angle!

Rainbow Pig - Matches any color.
Swirly Pig - Changes colors of the pigs it touches.
Winged Pigs - They remove all same-colored pigs along the straight line they cross.

Puzzle - The herd of pigs advances one row every time you use the slingshot.
Arcade - The herd of pigs advances based on a timer.

The free version of Flying Pigs is ad-supported, but if you prefer to play without any ads, we have an ads-free version -- Flying Pigs Pro -- available for $0.99!


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