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Games $2.99 James Rota iPhone, iPad, iPod

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You are the captain of an interstellar mining ship.

Your ship is equipped with a nuclear cannon that allows you to shoot at a nearby star and explode pieces of it away from the main star. These pieces of molten rock cool quickly once they are away from the parent star.

Other alliance ships behind you gather up the new meteors for their pure minerals, so you do not need to worry about gathering them.

The company is hugely successful and you are well paid.

By the way, there are a variety of alien creatures who try to stop you from mining their stars. Kill them and watch out!

Never let them get the upper hand.

- arcade style, fast paced action game
- cool visual and audio effects
- more than 100 levels
- based upon science and real data
- option for playing left-handed or right-handed
- game center leaderboard and achievements

Game includes options to buy inApp purchases to remove advertising + purchase more photon torpedoes. inApp purchases are not needed to complete the game.



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