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Astropolo - A fun adventure into space

Have you ever dreamed of going to space? Join Polo, the astronaut, on his journey across space from Earth to Tropy.
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Education $2.99 EDOKI ACADEMY iPhone, iPad, iPod

Astropolo offers 8 mini-games designed to engage young children. Help Polo throughout this stimulating adventure filled with pitfalls and exciting encounters: cheer the space rocket for take-off, help Santa Claus find his lost reindeers, lull Zleepy, a friendly alien, to sleep…and discover lots of humorous animations and enchanting music.

Designed by French artist Chloé Mazlo in collaboration with Award-winning app developers, Astropolo is a very engaging game with a profound educational valence that allows children to develop key skills while being very entertaining.

Using a beautiful paper cut technique, Astropolo introduces a whole new great and original style of interactive stories with characters that need the players' help to continue their adventure. Children will be asked to choose, pair, sing, cheer, draw hearts… to make this space journey a success!

Guaranteed fun for children and, who knows, maybe some of them will want to become astronauts….

Recommended ages: 4 to 8

APP STORE EDITOR'S CHOICE - Amazing new game!

"Highly Recommended, 5/5" AppyMall
"Astropolo is one of the most creative and unique apps I have seen in a while" AppyMall
"I am so excited by how innovative and unique this app is. This app is a keeper" Teachers with Apps
"Astropolo is one of the most entertaining games I’ve had the opportunity to play in the last several months. The game’s mechanics are dynamic, the graphics are plain gorgeous, and the replay value is off the charts. Can’t recommend this enough."!

-8 different unique mini-adventures
-Graphic recognition
-16 Languages: English, French, Arabic, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Traditional Chinese, Turkish, Danish and Korean
-Uses many iPad features: Retina display, Multitouch, Microphone (to enable the microphone, go to settings/privacy/microphone and authorize Astropolo otherwise 2 games won't work)
-Universal app (iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini)
-Only on iOS

Watch this video to take a sneak peek at the app:

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- Personal data request

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Has potential, but crashes

This app crashes every time that I try to start the fourth stage. I have tried uninstalling/ reinstalling, but the results were the same. I am using an ipad air.

This game is just...awful.

Wish I could be more specific as to why, but it's just plain bad. What a waste.


Can't "cheer" past the second level... I have a little girl here who's trying to cheer and it just doesn't do anything...

Quality app.

It’s a cute game, with plenty of fun. The design is gorgeous. I had very quick and good support from the developer, as I accidentally turned off my microphone at first. My son really likes making the rockets up and make the alien jump out of bed is really really funny!

2.99 is expensive for such a 5 minutes app

impressive only in appearance! I don't know why it can be selected as best new.

My kids love it

My children can't stop giggling. They've been having a (3..2..1..) blast.

Very creative!

This app is very creative and outstandingly interactive. Does train child's problem solving and is super fun. You have the ability to record your voice to launch the rocket among other fun and creative additions in this app.. I highly recommend this app, it is unique

Original Fun!

A most original and beguiling app! Help the astronaut fly to the moon by completing 8 fun-filled missions! Excellent app for listening and following directions, breath support, fine motor skills, tracking, conversational interactions, attending, and thinking and reasoning skills! Lots of fun!

Cute game, but some parts are too tricky for my students

Astropolo is a cute game with engaging graphics. Some of the mini games were difficult to complete, as they required a LOT of precision, that most of the kids I work with do not have (especially the game that required hearts to be drawn in one stroke...many of MY attempts were not accepted). I did like the part of the game that worked on volume control, as many of my students have difficulty regulating their volume. I also wish the Santa component was something less religious....not all of my students celebrate Christmas.

Smart & fun
Ewok stew

Our kids love this app.The use of the microphone makes it so different and engaging. The graphics are wonderful.