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Myshell Oke

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Cool, but probably not too useful.


This app is fun as heck, but I doubt it actually helps me comprehend finger spelling any better in real life.

Very helpful, but...


Why do I have to watch an ad before I can even start playing? And it can be confusing the first few times to even start the game. Beside that, this is very good to help me learn my asl letters.

Fun, but straining on the eyes


The game is fun and a good way to pass the time. While I doubt it will really help with receptive finger spelling (finger reading I guess) consider how morphed letters get with speed/fluency, but it is good if you’re a beginner and get some letters mixed up. However, my biggest complaint is that the colors aren’t best for such small details — rather than black on gray is should be white on black or something that makes the pictures stand out more without having the squint. I understand the images need to be small to fit more/large enough words so I hope the creators would change or change the art to something bolder for the sake of my eyes. Additionally, there was one instance which one of the words was blank, and because there was no option to not choose a word, the game could never be completed.

Good idea but bad design


It will be fun once he changes the colors in this game! It is very difficult to identify the correct one with dark gray and black! Also, once you get the right word, the line crossing it makes almost impossible to see the square!



This game's pretty fun and a bit challenging. The only problem I have with it is that when a word is found a yellow line will go through it, and sometimes other words will have letters in the previous words found and it's just hard for me to see the hands under the yellow line.

Awesome app and developer!


My daughter just started taking sign language and had to learn the alphabet first (duh). I always over research cool apps that go with anything we/the kids are interested in. This app is awesome and just a great way to reinforced signs! Has helped my rusty alphabet signs too. Although it’s a bit small on the iphone! Maybe not the new 6… Anyway, give it a try. We also like his other apps, including one that quizzes you on single signs...

Like it...what about..


I like the app. I would love to be able to create my own word list for students to practice spelling words. (Dear Developer: I tried to send my comment on the website, but couldn't get passed CAPTCHA).



It's pretty bad yo

Tiles way too small

Trouble With the Curve

I'm not able to use the app as the tiles are too small and the weight of the lines are too light. I have to strain to see and with some signs being so similar I am not able to differentiate.