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ARLOOPA is a video maker and scanner app for Augmented Reality (AR) experiences.
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The 3D camera app superimposes digital data and images on the physical world. Create your own virtual reality with augmented animals, furniture, art, robots, cars аnd much more. With our AR camera and scanner, the fantasy world is right there in front of you, in your own space. Just point your camera, create fantastic videos and be a part of the AR magic. You can choose from various 3d objects available in different packages of our application and create your fantasy photos and videos. Place 3D digital objects right in the space you want. Each object can be viewed in lifelike 3D renderings. Take advantage of the 3D effects at your fingertips. With the best 3D scanning app for the iPhone, Arloopa gives you the possibility to take photos or videos of different objects and generate a 3D model of any object, room, or even an outdoor space. You can just bring your ideas to life. Bringing your imagination into reality is no longer a problem if you have our 3D camera and 3d scanner. Arloopa users can also design and publish custom AR filters. Capture your children playing with virtual 3d animals, create your dreaming virtual zoo with different wild animals. Animate any model from your surroundings and make 3D memories. The Magic app is ready to help you create your imaginary augmented reality videos and share them on social sites. Become a premium user to get access to many awesome features and options.

Now available in 10 languages - English, Chinese, Armenian, Russian, German, Spanish and Czech, Italian, French, Portuguese! Which means, the app is accessible to people from every corner of the planet, and we want to make sure that users everywhere can explore their imagination when it comes to 3d fantasy.

3 main AR functions
The ARLOOPA app is leading the augmented reality revolution with 3 main AR functions - marker based scanning, markerless tracking, and geo-location based experiences.
1. AR Scanners can augment content on printed markers.
2. 3D Models can be placed anywhere from the Gallery. You can just scan any surface and place a 3D object on it. It is possible to create 3D models for 3D printing and quite easy to choose and scan an object or a person. Cam scanner lets you search things visually, scan easily and quickly.
3. Geo-location based markers can be explored only in places where they are located within a 50m radius. You can find nearby markers in the Map section of the app.
ARLOOPA is the best alternative to Aurasma.The app offers a ready-made 3D models library, which you can use to combine 3D models and create different AR scenarios.

How to use the AR Scanner:
• Choose a marker from the website -
• You can print out the marker on a regular printer (even in black and white), or scan directly from the screen.
• Open the app and point your device at the marker.
• After a bit of loading, you will see the magic of augmented reality happen directly on your device! It can be a video, 2D image or 3D animation.
• Some 3D objects can come to life and interact with you - simply tap on them to see the reaction.

We work with individuals, brands, creative advertising agencies, museums and cities to make your everyday life filled with new content and visual experiences, educational and entertaining AR discoveries. Captivate your audience with ARLOOPA Studio! Create your own AR from the app directly:
If you are interested in our product and you want to buy it, you can contact us.

All materials on which you can see the “Scan with ARLOOPA” label work with the app, too.


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