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Download Arctic Defences - Defend Your Island And Beach From The Zombie Dictator

Arctic Defences - Defend Your Island And Beach From The Zombie Dictator

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*****This Tower Defense Game is pure fun*****

Get ready for modern battles to defend your islands against zombie invaders!

Your team is consist of modern snipers, gunners, rockets, ice towers and other great things.

Deep in the conflict between you and zombie invaders. Protect your freedom and liberty.

Fight in arctic islands, mountains and tundra.

Command your modern iron troops and find the best islands strategy to be number one in the awesome game with awesome battles.

Arctic Defences Features:
* Awesome game with great units and characters.
* Epic defense battles.
* Lot of soldiers and guns.
* 6 unique guns.
* More than 20 unique enemies.
* 24 defense levels in arctic tundra.
* Increasingly challenging levels.
* A lot of angry enemies.
* Enemies from infantry to aviation.
* Upgrade your units in laboratory.

Tower Defense games have never been so extreme and beautiful.

The Best Total Defense you've ever seen with a huge amount of zombies and battles!



Good game
Micheal Nguyen

Very addicting game. Gameplay, graphics and sound are nice. Five stars!

This is one great defense game.

The game features nice interface, great sound. I will create, build first anti zombie squad, and not to give any one any zombie escape. P / S: You should try to play this game, I believe you will be satisfied. :)


It's awesome. Impressed with graphics and gameplay. This game is very good... One of the perfect game App Store has. Get it. It's very cute cool and funny!

Good app

a great application, allowing players to have moments of relaxed entertainment. Please combat defend your island yet. Thank author

great app

Very interesting game. Immersed in the world of zombies you will find very attractive. With photo fun, beautiful colors and are very easy to play. I play whenever spare, it brings laughter is also very upset after the loss. Non-violent game suitable for all ages. Thanks

Great Game!

A great game, I'm very interested in this game, because it's like plant vs zombie, I usually play it in spare time, game developers are very creative. Thanks for giving people the fantastic game.

Fun game

This is a fun zombie shooting game. Interesting game screen. The use of weapons aiming direction of shooting zombies. You can use a variety of weapons props

Great game

This is my favorite action game. Players click weapon shoot zombies. The design is simple and easy to play game. I play very enjoyable.

great game

it is an amazing game.this game contains fantastic graphic with high details that i really enjoy when i playing it.also the epic music during playing game is amazing.level of difficulty will increase gradually over the game screen.i played this game many times but its appeal has not game to reduce stress


Good app