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Do you like to play elephant simulation games on your phone or tablet? Then you will love this Augmented Reality AR game, Elephant Simulation game, this game gets amazing when there comes baby elephants and you need to protect them from other wild animals, as they can harm the innocent, in-active babies. If you love to play slots for fun, then you have come to the right place. In this game, the little baby elephants are out there in your real environment, you need to go out and look for them in your surroundings, because they are out there, and you need to catch them by the help of your cards.
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Games $1.99 Rafique Ahmed iPhone, iPad, iPod

Basically this game is an Augmented Reality AR game, open this game and hold your device camera to this print and enjoy the simulation game, this game is very near to reality, yet different from other simple elephant games; of type elephant simulation, elephant hunting, wild elephant simulator, jungle elephant, elephant fighting games.
We uses "Dirt Texture" as Marker. It is available as Screen shot. Player have to spawn Elephant on card and start a search for Baby elephants. There are also some wild animals that you need to attack and kill before they hurt Elephant babies. you can play AR Elephant Simulator by sitting on your couch as well, playing AR Elephant Simulator will make you more closer to your real environment. Score higher than your friends, compete with them on the number of elephants you catch and on the number of baby elephants you have.

Note that you have limited cards, you need to play this game sensibly, because, you cannot waste them, the cards are your chance to play this game more often. You can get new chance when the elephants are spawn on the cards. The wild animals are also around you, they can be lion, tiger, hippos, crocodile or any other harmful forest animal, that is a threat to the newborn angelic babies of the elephants that you are catching from your nearby places.

Amazing game features:

* Augmented Reality simulations with fantasy city
* Multiple Elephants to choose for ultimate elephant games 3D
* Realistic and thrilling sound effects
* Easy, Smooth and addictive gameplay
* Multiple action packed missions
* Stunning graphics and city environment


* If you have a printer, then download the Marker and print it
* But if you don't have a printer then change the settings on your device, to camera mode

Are you ready to have your true real life adventure, what are you waiting for? Rush to install this amazing AR Elephant Simulator game. You are going to forget all other AR games, once you have played this augmented reality game. The baby elephants and their families are waiting for you to help, catch and save them from the dangerous surroundings out there.


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