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Using the latest Augmented Reality Technology, show off to your friends these fun special effects! Zap lightning from your hands, or witness a molten fury. Also fire off a fireball! Lastly you can have a tornado swarm around your desk. Great effects to show off to your friends and to take pictures. All the effects are drawn relative to the Target Image.
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Games Free Design Interactive, Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod

***NOTE: This app uses augmented reality technology and requires a Target Image to function properly
You can print a target image here:


Super cool!

This is pretty awesome.

Pretty good??

Cool effects I guess. Good job on the app though !

I hate this app?

It said you had to download images and stuff and I tried stuff but nothing worked I hate this I deleted the app

Make a tutorial

A tutorial about how to use this is in order.


Don’t purchase, No Other Explaining Necessary Waste of Money

Don't buy it!

Waste of money. Print out sheet, place camera on it, and all it does is sound effects & a little animation. I wish someone told me this before I bought it

Universal Man 3646

I like this app and plz add better effects!

Crappy app
Pac Creations

Lousy, waste of time!!!! Doesn't do a thing!!!! Don't waste Your money, the app developer should be ashamed of themselves. Report this app to Apple