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THE BEST GENRE TRADITIONS: a traditional Hidden Object game with extremely juicy pictures and detective storyline. If you consider yourself a True Seeker and a genuine casual games connoisseur - meet our Challenge!
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Games Free SOLMIS LIMITED iPhone, iPad, iPod

MIND-BLOWING INNOVATIONS: your adventure will be unforgettable thanks to our hybrid of Hidden Object and Resource Management genres. Looking for a game with decent logical puzzles and interesting goals? Start playing now!

EXCITING GAMEPLAY: A stunning non-linear gameplay allows you to play the Antiquaria the way you like, and it makes your adventure unforgettable!

THE CHALLENGE ONLY TRUE SEEKERS CAN COMPLETE: a whole new "Free Choice" principle - no more old shoes or straw hats! Every object has its story behind and purpose here! Remember: sometimes even the simplest thing can be the clue for unraveling the great mystery! Think you have no peers in seeking for objects? Prove it by following the principle of "Free Choice"!

GREAT VARIETY OF MINI GAMES: brain games and puzzles, Match 3, Auction, Quest Challenges and Detective Investigation - all of this organically fits in as you deal with items and antiques of different eras. Every object has its own story. If you have a vein of a detective, objects and antiques will share their mysteries with you!

MYSTERIOUS DETECTIVE: how many secrets do antiques and their former owners hide? What is the story behind these things? True mystics do not hide secrets but reveal them. If you are ready to get terrifying answers to great mysteries - find all the ancient puzzles, put all pieces of it together and the seeker's diary notes will reveal you their dark side.

MULTI-SCENE LOCATIONS: a true seeker needs to take a deep dive in every story. Ready to visit all the scenes of a mysterious park or a house by the sea? Upload the game and start your own investigation of every scene!

VARIOUS HIDING PLACES: Each scene contains plenty of hiding places that could be opened with bare hands or using crowbar, lock-picks and other improvised means. Can you handle these challenges? It's time now to begin a travel to the Antiquaria!

MORGAN-HILLS HISTORY: This place used to be a large port city, that lured seekers of ancient secrets, misunderstood geniuses and crazy creators. All these people blended in with the bohemians, the nobles and sloggers. This gave birth to the amazing atmosphere of the city. City of contrasts and secrets... The abandoned houses of its amazing inhabitants remain untouched as if they were the fragments of the past, attracting seekers of the antique from all over the world.
Trevor, who have been obsessed by the search since the very childhood, could not even imagine that his long-standing dream -running his own antique shop will come true so soon. His old friend and skillful seeker, old Hartington, gives him his antiquarian shop, and an accidentally found mysterious silk rag with mysterious notes and a picture of a Rabbit on it sets in a chain of events revealing great secrets...

• 62 game scenes.
• 200+ hiding places of various difficulty levels.
• 2000+ rare and collectible items.
• 30 unique characters, each one with his own character and attitude to you.
• Your own Antique Shop - find out what the real collecting is!
• An excellent story and unique atmosphere are waiting for you to immerse into them!
• Try new formats of hidden object game - your uncontrolled liberty of search!
• Auction - win and replenish your collections!
• Shop Sales– every found item yields benefits!
• Metal detector – expand frontiers of the Search!
• Incredible set of mini-games: puzzles, Match3 and safecracking in Antiquaria are really challenging!
• New quests and events every week – the fun to be with us!
• Free update - we keep keep improving the game continuously!
• Antiquaria - made with love!

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Not able to change the language setting!

Opened the game and the words were in another language with no way to change it! It only let you click on ok! Deleted the game immediately!

Needs a lot of work

Seems like a great game if it worked. Energy takes hours to restore. Doesn’t replenish with level ups. Free energy available in store but you can’t actually use it. A lot of bugs


I really enjoy this game however it takes forever for the energy to refill and every time you level up it should replenish your energy bar. I have had 8 energy level all day because it won’t fill up. It’s so frustrating!! Other then that I can tell it will be a amazing game :)

Game issues

Fun game, but it takes more than 12 hours to refill energy. Also, although the custom of each location goes up every time you search there, the value of what you find does not. You always lose. On the fence about continuing


I really love this game! The visuals are great, the storyline is clever, and I can’t play often enough. I never spend money on free games, but I keep buying more energy so I can keep searching. I have also noticed small grammatical errors but it’s not bad enough to bother me. I love how it’s a hidden objects game but it incorporates many different types of mini games (like when you have a sale, or put the safe codes puzzles together) one thing I would suggest is to have the tools be available a little sooner, it was kind of confusing when I had tools in the beginning tutorial and it bothered me when they were gone. I finally realized the crowbar is not unlocked until level 12. But for the most part, it’s great!

What the hell?

Why is it that after I updated the game that I had start from level 8 without the pry bar, even though I was passed level 10 with my pry bar before the update. How do I correct this problem?


Lots of promise, but...keeps installing new updates. Was having fun playing. Some changes are interesting, but others frustrating. Attaining different levels is vague at best, and earning a crowbar or lock pick set is super slow and pretty much unachievable since you have to reach level 12 to get them. However, just when you think you’re almost there at level 11, the game reboots and puts you back at level 6. Super frustrating. Makes you not want to put any time in. Also, Ernesto’s sale supposedly happens once a session, but no, it doesn’t. Plus, finding collections is fun, but there is no real place to buy display cases. If you are a native English speaker, the story and characterizations are sometimes lost in translation when words and colloquial phrases are twisted and make no sense. To improve, get rid of glitches, show where treasures were hiding after timer is up, and if time is remaining on the clock, give extra points to player. Graphics are fun, and game developer deserves credit for original thinking. May want to recruit a native English speaker to tweak your phraseology, mainly because the errors in word choice drag the intelligence level of the game down...

Afraid To Update

The game is great. But I am at level 19. When I updated last time, brought me to a level without the crowbar. Trying to hit the level where the pick is at? Almost there...

Energy is too slow to refill

Game is entertaining but it takes too long for your energy to refill. Also, the areas are just too dark to be able to see well enough to find the hidden objects. I don’t mind hunting because that’s the fun of it but not when they’re completely obscure.

Energy doesn’t refill when the game is closed

This game could be great but it doesn’t refill energy over time quickly enough. Even after 24 hours my energy was still not filled. The in game dialogue is difficult to read and is confusing at times. It’s hard to know If someone is selling something to you or if they want to buy. There is confusion about the difference between the money and the coins that can be used for purchases. Update 9/7/18 Improvements have been great energy is steady now and the developer really listens. My only issue now is getting past the quiet hut. I think I have to have the lock picks for it and that upgrade I won’t get until level 50. I may lose interest in it before then since I’m only on 29 right now so gameplay stalls at that assignment. I’ve been stuck on this same level for about three weeks so unless something changes I may stop playing. That stinks since the game has so much promise. It could really be good with additional goals or goals that aren’t so hard to get. It gets boring with repetitive tasks and orders when the storyline is stalled