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All Anime Wallpaper HD & Open Your Eyes and Enjoy Y'll like all the anime pictures.
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Anime Fans! Are about to Tap into the fantasy and Cosplay world For Girls & Boys
So yes I'm otaku and I like animes

Anime (アニメ);are Japanese animated productions featuring hand-drawn or computer animation.

App Includes:
-Cute Anime Girl Wallpapers & Boys with birds and on beach in garden or sick in bed & school girls
- Romance anime couples & anime families & anime friends
- Favourite - Download - Zoom in/out - two image effect
- Download Anime wallpapers and dive into the world of otakus.
- Updated frequently
- Zoom in your own image and set it as a background

The photo gallery more colorful and beautiful fashion, you will definitely like to use them to make your iphone screen device more beautiful, This application include high quality backgrounds.

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يمكن لعشاق الأنمي في الشرق الأوسط استخدامه كذلك ،، تمتع


my name Neko

AMAZING because there are good wallpapers and it could be in your gallery. Pls download.

It has nice images but......

The imaged are good quality but when you tap on the picture you select its too long. Also every time I tried I to download an image the app crashed and I didn’t get the image so yeah.