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Animal Vocabulary for Kids

Application of English animal vocabulary, this will make the children learn basic English vocabulary about the animals that can be seen in daily life or an animal, and should be interesting to know whether it is a pet cat, dog, fish, rabbits, common or wild animals, such as horses, giraffe, lion, tiger, or even animals such as cows, chickens, ducks, pigs in the farm.English vocabulary for the children about this animal is suitable for children from kindergarten Grade 1 grade 2 grade 3, or the general public, who are interested in learning the vocabulary about animals.This English animal vocabulary designed to be bright. Children will learn through pictures, cute, cartoon, with sound in English. When you click picture, the animal will have a sound that is the name of the animal. Cause to learn and memorize English vocabulary used to invoke various animals more easily and have more fun.
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