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Utilities Free 伟坚 何 iPhone, iPad, iPod

is a popular and user friendly comic creation tool. You can create your own delicate comic in 3 mins with no training.
1、Massive free materials
New materials every week, massive free material, trilling inspiration

2、Fun comic editor
Interesting characters, fantastic background,amusing accessaries.....create your own masterpiece with simple steps

3、More interesting functions are waiting for you
There are many amazing functions are on the way. Please look forword to it.

Let's travel to comic world and enjoy the joy of creation.


Good comix creationtool

Easy to use.almost 60 kinds amazing characters in this app. You can use those characters to creat acomics

It’s ok.

Could use a bit more customization. Like changing a hair color, or a skin color. Maybe two or three outfit colors. Need 15 characters, which I suppose I could get if I buy them.. I’m just using duplicates of the girls, and it’s kinda awkward. I also had to make a 16 year old have a childs body since I ran out of young women. Story has like 4 guys haha. Was easy to find matches for them. Because you can’t change more than facial expression, you are not going to get the exact image in your head. More of a “well this will do.” If you are trying to use this as a story board for something you already have in your head.

Could be better
Lizzy Oofers

This is a pretty good app, I saw this on instagram so i mainly downloaded it thinking it was a customizable character app. After downloading it, I think I got the idea. I mean it seems like a good app if you want to make comics, I mean I just wish you could make your own character, maybe be more creative with it, but they just give you a some free characters, so if you want more you’ll have to buy.

About overall

So hi!I think you guys deserve a better rating cause this game is fun!But... -doesn’t have much customization in both.maybe make each category have about 50-100 pieces.

Bit of a problem
Mia'B. E

So I tried it out but for some reason it won’t let me put in my email to make an account when I know it’s right but it’s also not telling me it’s wrong, on the other hand everything else is really good.

Love it, but some suggestions.

I LOVE it. But it needs more editing stuff. more hair and poses, and the kids are not as good as the teens. And, why can’t i change the poses of the people in section ROLES. And for boys, maybe add more faces and hair. Needs more editing supplies. And also, how do you Zoom in a person in ONE box in each page? Anyway, PLEEEEASe read and fix this!! But i LOVE it.



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