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Amino for: World of Warcraft

Join the fastest growing WoW community! Represent your faction, learn new strategies, form guilds, and explore WoW on a deeper level than anywhere else.
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- CHAT with other players and make new friends
- VOTE on your favorite cards
- GET the latest news and updates
- SHARE your strategies and skills
- LEARN from and CONTRIBUTE to our WoW catalog - an encyclopedia of all things WoW


Great app

Love it

Great for us wow players

I love this app!!!

Awesome App!

Great way to connect with different World of Warcraft players from all over the world. I love how "strictly World of Warcraft posts" is enforced. I dislike when people post tons of selfies and whatnot that has nothing to do with the account content/theme. Thank you!

Long overdue
Griffin dork

I am so happy we WoW players finally have something solid like this app since we don't REALLY have a strong place in Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr. There are FB groups but this is much better :)

Almost perfect

It's a great app to use. I love all the features on it but I wish they would add whispering as a feature. Only way to chat with other players one on one is to start a chat room of sorts. It's a little weird to use at first but once you get used to it its fun.

Good App

Don't enjoy social media apps much but this one is very simple. Pretty easy to use and a good way to connect to other wow players with the same or different interests as you. Although, can be hard to navigate between the "news feed" and profiles due to its connection with other games and communities. Not a big fan of the other amino adds/links on the WoW Amino app itself. All in all very cool app, but needs more US users. Lots of UK and others.

WoW Amino. ❤️

I absolutely love this app. It's an amazing app for WoW fans and I personally love sharing my wow moments with the community. Excellent job creating it. Thanks so much!! ???

Super cool

A great app to connect with other players or people of similar interests, easy to use and fun to see what other people do in the same world

WoW Amino
James Madeyski

Great app! Has a wonders community and is a must for anyone who loves WoW!

Great App

This is a great app for the WoW community. Easy to navigate with lots of content.