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Are you equipped to experience ultimate sports activities wheelchair stunts and shatter you're international with super stunt adventure? The retro stunt wheelchair is an all-new intense stunt wheelchair driving simulation on your stunt journey. This specific stunt wheelchair racing recreation is the pleasant stunt sport, so get prepared to feel the urge for wonderful fun stunts. This lovely stunts sport is full of, extreme stunts, float, wheelchair roof jumps, mid-air jumps, real time wheelchair riding and plenty more. can you show off stunt driving competencies with asphalt wheelchair? put together yourself to carry out pressure and doing excellent stunts on the ramp. This sport is a sequel in your previous preferred recreation Wheelchair Stunts with a brief airborne stunt wheelchair to force, boost, and bounce from roof to roof.
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Do stunning mid-air stunts, hints and large roof jumps with captivating wheelchairs thru the racing song towards rival racers. in the wild wheelchair chase, you need to stay on track, the remaining judgment of steep ramps, and pull out jumps in time to complete the challenge. you'll sincerely experience this modern generation idea of a racing game with insane stunts and it’s definitely satisfying your dreams of riding a sports wheelchair.

it is time for force massively high precise wheelchairs, so wear your racing wheelchair tools, and tighten your seat belt. Get equipped to sprint and burn the stunt tracks and defeat a few racing opponents. in this loopy difficult race no need to interrupt and worry approximately the police, simply perform a little corkscrew stunts and make roof turn. Your recreation, the position is blazing the street and hastens your way to race towards other muscle stunt wheelchair. at some stage in race use nitrous and drive for the insane pace to carry out problematic stunts and a long way jumps. Use your hints and knock them competitors off the tune to win the race. turn out to be a world stunt man and watch out to go away the music as it’s losing some time. experience airborne wheelchair a top pace with blazing fires and entire volatile demanding situations and earn all fulfillment of this reckless stunt sport.

It's realistic physics engine based totally wheelchair and an energetic racing challenge will make it adventure recreation. The extraordinary wheelchair stunt simulator presents you tons of hard degrees with extraordinary interior feels and interesting. The contemporary stunt and drag racing recreation full of complete motion and freestyle stunt-driving. be part of the stunt mania world and prepare yourself to experience the marvelous race with particularly excessive speed race music. Burn the asphalt roads at lightning velocity with cool gradual-motion jump animations and cutting aspect 3D visuals. turn out to be a real stunt hero and amaze stunt global along with your risk hints or big roof jumps.


- Amazing HD Graphics
- Improve Your Wheelchair Driving Skills
- Attractive Galaxy Environment
- Realistic and active wheelchair physics
- Modern Physical science
- Easy and Free to play
- Enjoy The Game With effective sound effects


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