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Amazing SuperView Jigsaw Puzzle - Free

A Well Designed Wonderful Jigsaw Puzzle Game for your kids and yourself. Are you an expert of Jigsaw puzzle? Try the hardest difficulity mode!
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Entertainment Free Liu Xionghui iPhone, iPad, iPod

* 156 Amazing Superview Wallpaper as game images. Very cute, very cool.
* Easy to play. Hard to be an expert. Help at any time.
* four levels difficulty.
Your kids will like this game and all beautiful wallpaper. When you're at the airport, or in a waiting room, and your kids are bored, this game is perfect to keep them occupied, and enjoyed by touch.


Too easy

I would rate it zero if it would let me! It's way to easy. There should be options on how many pieces or easy, medium, or hard. I dont recommend it. It's boring.

Best jigsaw app!

Have found this app to be the easiest to use. Puzzle pieces are not so small that they are tough to use. Photos are nice. Great all around puzzle app. Too the person that wrote too easy, you should have looked further. You can increase the number of puzzle pieces.