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Read amazing Bible verses. Find inspiration and guidance.
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Very good app. Thanks!


This app is great! You can read what other people say about the verses and how it affects them! Truly amazing and inspirational! If I could I would give it ten stars!

Bible verses

It's awesome especially when your in a rush!

Exactly what I wanted. :~)

I wanted a free app that provided bible verses at random. This is great! I love it so much! It's perfect for my needs.


I love the bible I love jeremiah 29:11 it inspired me to get back on the board

Amazing App

I love this app I'm always on the go and busy no time to read the bible but all I do now is pull out my iPhone and read the bible verse right there :) sometime the bible verse with relate to my day :) Praise the Lord Forever !!!!!


This is a neat App except for the fact that it includes "verses" that are from the catholic bible, not the true Holy Bible. Beware of that.

Cool app
Puzzle mode plz

I really like the simplicity of it, and it's nice to just push a button and receive inspirational portions of Gods word. Thank you for the app and stay faithful to God even through the hard times. He is the only way.

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