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All Stars Banjo is action 2d platform game where the main goal is to collect stars and points. The game includes 18 challenging levels arranged at the request of transition. Each level is a bit more challenging than the previous one. As a rule, the player moves from one level to another in such a way that the previous level by collecting three big stars and reach the portal to go to the next level.
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Games Free Sinisa Abramovic iPhone, iPad, iPod

All Stars Banjo use touchscreen for  mechanics of movement .  So that player use directing the direction of movement of the screen directs the main protagonist in the movement through the levels.
For example, if a player swipe up it make the jump action or if you drag your finger in the left direction, the protagonist goes to the left. The same both speed and length of the movement depends on the intensity and length of the shift finger across the screen.
The aim is to exceed the levels and solve the mysterious puzzles and ruses. All puzzles are based on the opinion of users how to choose the right moment and the right action at the same time pay attention to the obstacles and traps.

The game uses Game Center to display points in each level. Hearts are used to determine the amount of attempts by the player when switching levels. Hearts are transferred to a new level. The player also has the option to purchase a ribbon set of additional heart. When a player loses all hearts comes to the end of the game and the player has the option of re-continuation of the game.


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