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Games Free Solomon Cheung iPhone, iPad, iPod

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No. 1 Top Paid in Hong Kong AppStore, April 2010

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All-in-1 Board Games include Chess, Checkers (a.k.a English Draughts), Connect 4, Reversi (a.k.a Othello), Chinese Chess, Gomoku (a.k.a Five-in-a-Row), Tic-tac-toe, Chinese Checkers, Kalah (a.k.a Kalaha or Mancala), and Banqi (a.k.a Half Chess).

We hope you enjoys the games as much as we enjoy the moments of building it. There were a lot of sleepless nights ;-)


- Human vs computer (AI) play
- 5 difficulty levels *** new ***
- Two-player mode (human vs human)
- Computer vs computer play
- Undo a move
- Get a hint from the computer AI
- Automatic save and restore games

Please feel free to give us comments. Your feedback will motivate us to improve existing and add new games.

Please visit our website for information about how to play the games.

Thank you!


10 classic games for 1 low price

Very few options/levels. A couple of games I'm not sure how to play and there are no instructions that I could find. Graphics are fine and thrills...but then again these are board games so it is not that important. I would like to see basic game instructions. I don't know really how to play Chinese chess and what looks like I think it's called Manacola or something like that. Otherwise chess, checkers, tic tac toe, connect 4 and the othello type game and the game where I figured out that the goal is to get 5 in a row while blocking your opponent from doing the same are fine.


sweet its free

Would be 5 stars if it had directions!

NO DIRECTIONS! Great app if you know all the rules, otherwise you're screwed...:(

At least it's free!

It wouldn't be that fun if it cost.

Got it free

Great app but lacks 1 thing: INSTRUCTIONS!!! I don't know how to play Chinese chess or whatever banqi is (I had figured out the game where you have to connect 5).

Cool but missing a lot!

I only give this a two stars because there are no directions for the games and they are not labeled telling you what the games are.

AWESOME writer

I hate this app it's the worst app I have ever gotten. Don't get it it's a wast of time


All the games are great. What a worthful app!

A bit confusing

Add instructions & it'll be better :)

Needs instructions

I liked this app a lot but i don't know how to play some games. It's a whole trial and error thing and it takes awhile to figure things out. There should be instrucciones for each game.

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