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Turn your iPhone into a microphone for presentations, speeches and more!
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Productivity $1.99 Harry bachmann iPhone, iPad, iPod

▶ More than just an emergency microphone! ◀
Easily connect to Bluetooth, use a plug-in microphone or go ahead with the built in microphone.
Output your signal via Bluetooth HFP, Apple TV (some AirPlay) or direct out (earphone connector).
Choose what serves you best!

With Air Microphone, you have a small yet powerful toolbox for any Power Point presentation, instant speech, conference and more right in your pocket!

The new Limiter serves as automatic problem solver by cutting excessive peak levels, built-in shelving filters allow to cut off unwanted noise or boost important frequencies.

Air Microphone is the ultimate and easy to use fallback solution for speeches, presentations and more.

For any situation where you need to be heard, grab your iPhone or iPad and connect it to Apple TV or Bluetooth.

To use the Air Microphone app you need:
• iPhone or iPad
• AppleTV / AirPlay
• Air Microphone App
Additional options are available:
• Use the microphone or headset of your choice if preferred
• Connect to an external Bluetooth speaker is this is your preference

The setup is quick and easy. It is a straight forward procedure as to expect from Apple TV.
Fast and reliable - no unnecessary hassle when you are under pressure anyway.
There is not much you can do wrong with Air Microphone.

Easy and hassle free setup - extremely important when you are in a hurry anyway after everything else has failed!

Here are a few hints that always apply when working with microphones and acoustics. Read this carefully, it's a good thing to know anyway!

• Adjust the volume with the slider. Be loud enough to be understood, but not as loud to create feedback. Keep in mind: the louder you are, the bigger the chance of feedback occurring!
• In case of Feedback, reduce the volume with the slider.
• Use the Limiter to avoid excessive peaks
• Use the filters to cut or boost high frequencies and low frequencies
• Do not stand in front of the speaker with the Microphone. Feedback will occur when the sound from the loudspeaker travels directly into the microphone.
• Adjust positions of loudspeakers and microphone to find the best working solution. Placement of both loudspeakers and microphone has a big impact on sound quality!

The Air Microphone app does not replace a professional setup. But it costs much less and the setup is much faster. And more important: you carry your iPhone with you anyway! It even comes with an equalizer to make some rough adjustments.

And while you are at it, why don’t you share a picture or two since you are connected to AppleTV anyway! You can do that with Air Microphone.

Get the Air Microphone app now. Who knows when you will hold the next emergency speech!

Drop us a line for feedback and suggestions, we like to hear from you!
And if you like this app, a good rating is always welcome.


Total waste of money
Paul "Mac Guy" Scott

I wish there was an easy way to get my money back. While the app does connect to airplay snd let me use it as a microphone the lag is several seconds. It makes it unusable.

Does not work on Apple TV

I tried to hook it up so that I could karaoke with iTunes words and it does not work! Horrible. And it’s $2?

Not worth the price

Very disappointed I feel like i was ripped off(again)

Worked a few times but...

It worked a few times with a crazy echo(which is fine). Now it won’t work at all. No matter which airplay output you select it will only play through the phone speaker. Other apps (music, video, sound editing, etc work fine) work as normal and I can even use the Apple voice recorder to record and play back my voice, but not this app unfortunately. ?

A piece of crap

DO NOT BUY THIS APP! It is a piece of crap. I tried a few different ways: headphone, iphone, bluetooth (the options given on the app once you download it), but nothing worked! It is a waste of time and money. Some of the free apps do a better job than this one-at least they work! Doesn't even deserve a one star because it doesn't work.?

Bluetooth Personal Sound Amplifier

Supports Bluetooth earpiece (e.g. Avantree Apico) for simple wireless personal sound amplification using iPhone mic input. Adequate adjustments provided to minimize background noise and limit bandwidth to voice frequencies. Processing mic signal introduces slight delay, but net result is ability to hear voices (e.g. lecture, sermon, movie dialogue) that were unintelligible without this aid to hearing. Inexpensive alternative to pricey Bluetooth "hearing aids" available for iPhone. With improved algorithms to minimize latency/delay, this would be a "killer app" as affordable "hearing aid" using in-ear Bluetooth earpiece.

Does not work. Junk.

Just downloaded this and it does not work. I have tried with multiple Bluetooth devices and nothing works. My music and any other Bluetooth related app still work fine with my Bluetooth speakers but this app will not no matter what.


Best I could get trying to use my iPhone 7 as a microphone and my Bluetooth UE speaker was a 1/2assed delayed echo. Only reason it has one star is just so I could rate it!

Doesn't work

Doesn't work

Not for iPhone 5

This will not work on an iPhone 5, with Bluetooth, connected to a bose speaker. It seems to work alright with an iPhone 7. Buy carefully.

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