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Get ready for captivating adventures in the sea full of dangers and possibilities. Become a sailing-ship captain! Discover new islands, win nautical battles, trade exotic goods without forgetting about searching for the main treasure.
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Just update it for iOS 11

Fix the bugs!!

I couldn't even get past the opening scene the game freezes and I know this to be a very entertaining game please fix this issue.

Garbage app

Installed app, opened app, app froze, deleted app.

Was excited

It works at home screen but one second into game it freezes!!Very disappointed ???

A kid fanboying over this game

Age of Wind was the best IOS game ever made, and it's the reason I haven't sold my iPhone 3GS, but Age of Wind is no-longer available on the App Store, and has been replaced by this garbage. It may not be worthless, but it still brings shame to its predecessor. AOW2 just doesn't have the feel of the open-world third-person ship-battling MASTERPIECE that Age of Wind defined for the entire decade. Age of Wind was completely free, no IAPs, ads in banner mode only (if any at all), and most of all, it was fun... Age of Wind 2 is not a sequel, it's a ripoff. It may be made by the same people, but it's still trying (and failing) to capture what made Age of Wind so genre-defining, and I can't tell you what made AOW some great because there are no words to describe it. Developers, please, if you want this game series (and your wallet) to survive, throw away AOW2 and search through your company database to find the AOW files so you can bring the best game of it's kind back to life. Age of Wind. Was. GLORIOUS. I certainly cannot say the same for its successor. Age of Wind was absolutely amazing, it's graphics being more 'retro' instead of utter crap, it's story being just deep enough to be followable, but not so deep that it gets boring (albeit the missions were tough-as-nails), and it's gameplay was extremely satisfying. Age of Wind 2 is the polar opposite: Graphics are a terrible attempt at an upgrade, is lacking story-wise, and the gameplay is just DEPLORABLY BORING. In short, In App Purchases ruin everything, ads make the game unplayable, and as an avid gamer the gameplay and story of Age of Wind 2 left me very dissatisfied. Verdict: DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD.

Good game bad

It freezes when I try to open it

Was gud till crashes

This game was much awesome than the previous one but once I stop playing it after an hr, it won't let me play the save file. It starts and I see ship moving but then all sudden it freezes. And this repeats all the time since

Keeps getting frozen on my iPad
Thang Nguyen

Used to love this on my iPod, but I lost it. Now trying this on my new iPad isn't working out too well


Game crashes when you start a game every time. But the ads work fine :( Ruined game. It used to play well. Not no more.

Crashes immediately on launch

The game crashes immediately on launch on both my iPad and iPhone. Useless.

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