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The Adventures in Odyssey Club app is a Focus on the Family product that grants you access to ALL of the Adventures in Odyssey episodes plus exclusive content. An Adventures in Odyssey Club membership is required for the app to log into your account.
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Entertainment Free Focus on the Family iPhone, iPad, iPod

The Adventures in Odyssey Club for families with kids 8-12 will enjoy the safe, fun online experience including monthly learning activities, daily devotions highlighting an audio adventure and more.

Adventures in Odyssey Club is a great way to invest in your child’s spiritual growth, and have fun while doing it.


-Stream over 800 Adventures In Odyssey episodes
-Store up to 10 episodes to your device to save for later
-Complete activities that engage with the episodes
-Listen to exclusive audio episodes
-Watch exclusive video documentaries
-Share your stories with other Adventures in Odyssey Club members

Focus on the Family is a donor-supported, global Christian ministry dedicated to helping families thrive.


This is the best story app EVER!!!

Great Christian stories shares and teaches to be kind and to obey and lots more than that no bad language EVER!!


So I’m not sure what to do, I really wanna listen to the podcasts but it won’t let me…… it says that you couldn’t find the account with the email adress and there is no sign in button, just login and I’ve never had an account before, so how do I sign in? Please help me, I love your podcasts

The Creative Woman.

I have grown up to Adventures in Odyssey since I was born!!!! I have literally listened to every episode, and podcast that they have released! Listening to it is the BEST thing that you could ever do!! When you update the app can you please add a “Play Random Episode Button”? I would really like it if you would make a Play Random Episode Button.

Needs casting

App is great but would be better if it had the ability to cast (google tv, audio device etc.) actual UI is buggy at times so overall UX improvements would be ideal.

It is amazing
plz sub to artdom

It is amazing I have had it for a long time it is great

Love AIO!!
Fiddle Leaf Fig

Love all of the great content!! So many amazing stories with a great moral lesson. Focus on the Family podcast is a family favorite in our household and I love that they have content for kids as well. Thank you, FOF, for staying true to the Bible and not caving to the social pressures of our day! The only suggestion I have is that the technology could be improved a bit. As far as I have experienced, you cannot pause a story and pick up where you left off after exiting the app. If the app gets closed and you go back into the same story, it starts back at the beginning.


These episodes are 100% family friendly; though there are episodes with sensitive content that they don’t want children under the age of 10 to listen to alone. But the “sensitive” content is not anything inappropriate. Example: importance to unborn lives/not aborting unborn lives. I literally listen to Odyssey ALL THE TIME. It’s my comfort audio. The lessons are great, morals are wonderful, and the writers are excellent. The voice actors are great at what they do. I love listening to them. The whole thing costs $9.99 a month... but they use that money to fund projects they do for Odyssey, See Life (Helping young mommies choose life for their babies.) Definitely worth every penny. I know lots of people say that all the time, but with Focus on the Family, it’s ALL true. A few bugs and glitches but nothing major. Worth the hassle with the loading error, haha. Thank you Focus, for being a helpful group and not bringing more trash to the community. God bless everyone who reads this, and everyone who does not. ☺️

AIO Club

I’ve been a member of this club since 2016 and this app is a lot better than it was years ago.I love the queue.The episodes are wonderful!Also three years ago you could only download 10 episodes but now you can download 25! If your a member you can find me on the adventure 78 chat page.


Love it

Totally Recommend!
AIO lover (Suzu Rydell)

I love being able to listen to all of the adventures in odyssey episodes ever aired. (Except the limited time dramas) The download option allows family road trips to be less boring, I can also listen to downloads while I walk ever day. For every single AIO fan, TOTALLY RECOMMEND! Worth every bit of money paid, and the fee is small for all you have access to: All the episodes, the Club Magazine, and the exclusive episodes only available to the club. Again and again WORTH IT!!!!!!!

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