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ADPRO iPir is a user friendly application for commissioning ADPRO PRO detectors iPad or IPhone devices. It allows wireless walk-testing and remote parameter adjustment to be carried out on-site by just one person, ensuring accurate alignment and correct operation of PRO detectors. The ADPRO iPir displays the PRO detector’s live response in scope mode with alarm visualisation allowing adjustments including the detector’s; sensitivity, direction of detection (D models) and switching Automatic Threshold Detection (ATD) On/Off, together with an audible indication when moving into the detection zones. The enhanced functionality of the ADPRO iPir makes it simple to fine-tune the settings of PRO detectors when connected to Xtralis remote video monitoring transmission units; ADPRO FastTrace 2 or FastTrace 2X. This in turn minimises false alarms at the Central Monitoring Station saving both time and money.
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Business Free Xtralis, Inc. iPhone, iPad, iPod

• Up to three graphs showing the signals (Left, Center, Right), (Long, Medium, Short) of the currently displayed sensors and their respective threshold level returned by the ADPRO PIR detector
• Output signals showing the state of the infrared alarm (Left, Center, Right), (Long, Medium, Short), general alarm and vandalism alarm + counter
• ATD (Automatic Threshold Detection ON/OFF switch
• Range selection by list
• Sensitivity adjustment by slider


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