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You and your partner have just moved to a new home in the suburbs with your furry companion, an adorable cat named Snow. What to do first? Let's clean up so you can start decorating!
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There's a couch, a table and a TV stand but not much else. What's missing here?! Oh... silly me, a TV of course. Let's buy that first!

But we can't just watch TV all day. Your partner needs to work and you have important chores around the house to do. Be sure to prepare meals for your partner and feed your kitty (or multiple, kitties as the case may be) to earn love.

Use that love to buy more furniture, decorations, and yes... more CATS for your house to make it utterly adorable! The more cats you have, the more adorable moments you'll get. Capture them in snapshots with your retro camera and collect them all in your photo album.

Really enjoying the game?!? Gather enough love and unlock new areas like the Garden where you can gather love from woodland creatures that come to visit your adorable home.

Adorable Home is a passive and relaxing experience. Come back and check in on the game every couple hours to see something new, gather some love, and continue furnishing your home.

We hope you enjoy!

This game is not intended for children and may have some content that is inappropriate for children under the age of 13.

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This game is the best thing to play when you’re bored or just need something to unwind. It’s very inclusive and the art style is amazing. Love this game.

Thank you

I’ve been watching over this game ever since it came out. I’m proud to see how far they’ve come… and even though they added ads I’m still happy to have this game on my phone through the months and years of improvement. Thank you.

One problem

The game overall really good, the art is amazing! There is one problem, the farm, you know how there’s fish and shrimp on the river sometimes? Well, there’s a fish I have to click on but it’s under the shopping cart and I can’t get it(mobile). I love how there’s a nursery, I feel like th kitchen could have a major improvements, like how the living room had the tv and sofa, the kitchen could have a dining table, cabinets, and like more essentials… I don’t know but I would love the kitchen to have more than just the main part.

Love this game

I absolutely love this game! I’ve had it for a year and I am still interested and playing. I wish we could have different little mini games for the cats though. I like that every cat likes to be pet differently but I would like some variety. Also, the character design is very limited. It’d be nice to see some plus size options and different hair colors and styles. I am have blonde curly hair and there is unfortunately no blonde curly hair. Being able to change the colors of the furniture would be awesome as well! Otherwise, I love this game and I’m excited for future updates.

Great but….
JHopes Sxnshine

This app has treated me so well. But now that i’ve been playing it for a while, it just gets boring. A great idea that could fix this issue is that the characters actually move around more often instead of being in the same spot for 6 hours straight. I’m starting to fall out of the game because of this, it feels like a chore logging in everyday. I dread it. Could use some improvement from the developer team.

Hair options
Meli's Mommy

It's an amazing game and I would give 5/5 but I just wish there were more hair options, like skirt characters with the same hair as the "masculine" options, or hair color options

cool guy with pants

When I was bored at an airport we where going on vacation and it took FOREVER for the plane to get back so I looked on the App Store and found this game! THIS GAME IS SOOO ADORABLE AND OMG THE CURRENCY IS LOVE AAAAHHHHHHHHH THIS IS SO CUTE WAIT THERE ARE PRIDE FLAGS AAAAHHHHH ITS SO CUTE GET IT GET IT NOW ITS JUST ADORABLE!!!

one issue

i like this game a lot, it’s one of my favorites, but i don’t like not being able to change the hair color. it says you can but i don’t know where to do it.

Omg I love this game

I love the game I love the baby update I love buying every thing I see that is so cute but the bad thing is that when I put the code it says invalid code so I don’t know anyways I love it I bought all the cats I love the cows and the chickens they are so cute and that’s all I have to say bye


I wish you could interact more and do more with your partner. It’s kind of boring.