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A unique dice strategy, puzzle game!
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Games Free Les Ganton iPhone, iPad, iPod

Your objective is to reduce all Target dice to zero.
You can drag Target Dice onto other Targets to increase their value, or drag your dice onto Targets to reduce them.
If you cannot use the dice you rolled, you must Trash them.

There are 2 play modes, Challenge and Casual.
Challenge mode pits you against the Clock and the Trash bin.
Casual mode allows you to take your time and strategize.

Compete against your friends high scores in game center.

- Fast paced or slow paced, it's up to you.
- Addictive game play at any time.
- unlimited variation with random dice generation.

This game idea was totally made up by me because I couldn't find anything similar. if you love it, please leave a nice review. If you hate it, please get somebody that loves it to leave a nice review.


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