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Abu Dhabi Police is free iOS app published by Abu Dhabi Police GHQ

مشكله التحديث

nismo al badi

البرنامج يطلب اخر تحديث ولكن الاصدار هو الاخير ولا يفتح البرنامج من اكثر من اسبوع والمشكله فالتحديث الاخير

It Keeps asking me to update!


It was working fine until last week and now it keeps asking me to update to the latest version but the thing is I already updated it and still it’s not working and still asking me for the update! I can’t even use any of the features so please fix it.


Fix snapchat !!!

Please fix the issue



Same as above comment. Keeps asking to update and keeps reloading.

Worst application

car fan uae

Never working and always asking for update when it’s already updated Worst ever application

It has problems


You need to fix the app It’s ask always about updates

How to stop the update request


Overall a helpful app! I was able to stop the update request by deleting the app and re-downloading the app. I’ve opened and closed it many times since with no request to update. Hope this helps some who may have been frustrated as I was...

App is not working

Abdulla AZ

The app is not working for more than a week and even if u log in, it will keep asking you to update the version, which is already up to-date.

Update request


Very useful application, but no one can use it now because of update request which popup ever time you open the app even when you’re up to date!! it will redirect you to App Store and there is update.



this app not working since long time