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Abe speaks. Recreate the GameSpeak you remember from Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee. Fart, chant, whistle and growl as well as give Abe's famous commands. Speak into the microphone and hear Abe repeat it back to you in his voice!

Abe says. Challenge Abe to a game of memory whilst you attempt to keep a straight face as he laughs, whistles and farts. How many rounds can you go before you forget the sequence?


Please Update
Hollywood P

Would be awesome if I can use this on my iPhone X please update to current iOS version.

Love it!!!!! But...

I grew up playing Oddworld and loved this app on my old iPod. But now the App Store says you guys need to update it to iOS 11 for me to have it on my phone!!! Please update your app so I can reinstall on my new iPhone 6 ❤️ Please and thank you


Of all the sound boards and speaking heads out there, this is the best. I you are an old school gamer with a affinity go oddworld, you have to get this app. I'm just waiting for someone to port the original game over like many other old school games I have seen and downloaded. Enjoy, I know I do.


I wouldn't say it's worth a dollar but it's a great app for Oddworld fans!

Great memories...

...are what this app calls to mind. Although I am bummed Abes adorable "giggle" isn't included =(

Fun for Oddworld fans!

If you are nostalgic for the old Oddworld games this is a fun little app!

Nostalgic, but could use more.

If you are a hardcore oddworld fan, you will definitely feel nostalgic, and the microphone portion is entertaining. However, it should have the other characters in it. Remember how Abe's Exoddus had the Sligs, Glukkons, Scrabs and Paramites in Game Speak on the main menu? Well that would be a wonderful update! One little gripe from me is that Abe looks a little weird in this 3D rendition, and doesn't look like he's smiling like the original. Ah well, I'm just being nerdy. Great app!

You have my nostalgia.

All of it.

Genial !!!

Sooper sounds

A great start indeed.

I love this app! It is amazing. Not only can you hear Abe's voice and play memory games with it, you can make your voice his! The only thing I think this app could use in the near future would be more dialog for Abe and more characters. Then the app would be pretty much golden