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Games $4.99 Bonfab Technologies Inc. iPad

→ "The best game in the world... From very easy to really complicated." - M.T., Belgium

A mind-twisting laser and logic game. This ultra-addictive light puzzle game will test your skills on 240 hand-crafted, mind-bending puzzles.

Position and turn the game pieces (such as mirrors, prisms, and splitters) so that the colored lasers hit all the colored coins. It starts easy and gradually becomes a real challenge!

Enjoy this slick iPad version of the popular and critically-acclaimed PC game Aargon Deluxe by Twilight Games. All the Deluxe puzzles are included. Try it for yourself and see what all the buzz is about.

* 240 mind-bending puzzles
* Easy, medium, and hard puzzles
* Stylish graphics
* Automatically save your progress
* History of your success
* Mix in your own music while you play
* Satisfying moments and addicting fun!

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