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The 72 Names of God, based on three verses from the Bible, is one of the oldest and most powerful Kabbalistic tools. Moses used it to split the Red Sea and you can use it as well to turn everyday challenges into miracles.
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Education $4.99 The Kabbalah Centre iPhone, iPad, iPod

Based on the book by best selling author and co-director of The Kabbalah Centre International, Yehuda Berg, this app resembles a deck of 72 cards. On one side you'll find the 72 Name with illustration and explanation and on the other you'll find a meditation that you can use to tap into the unique qualities of each name.

Additional features include:
• Rotate to Landscape to see an interactive chart of the 72 Names
• Personal 72 Name: we all have one based on our birth date – find yours!
• Ecards: send a 72-Names E-Card to a friend when they need a little extra support
• Random 72 Name
• Table of contents for quickly finding the right name
• Learning section


Perfect for daily reminders.

I use these cards daily! I love them!

Great App
yoshua ben eliyahu

This app is awesome. Lots of inspiration and positivity from using it. Thank you so much!


A page of pronunciations or 🔈 a button to hear the names pronounced would be helpful. 😁

Excellent tool!!!

Love this app!!

Amazing app for the spiritual people

I use this app a lot and it makes me calm and relaxing.

Everyone Needs This

Thank you so much for bringing this to the world. Having this prayer available whenever you need it, not just Morning and Evening Connections, but whenever I need to connect and refocus, has made a wonderful difference in my daily life. The beauty is that whether you are a student or not the restricted light in these letters are there for everyone. Set the right intention before saying this wonderful prayer and the power is there for you. Bless you🙏

Incredibly Powerful Spiritual Technology!

One of the most coveted and hidden secret of Kabbalah and spirituality. The 72 names of God are powerful names that when scanned from right to left break the selfish nature of man and for a glimpse allows soul consciousness to awaken. The app itself is great however the tool itself is amazing. Only thing I would add as an option is calming meditation music and the full text of the meditation guide from the small orange book. Ough and maybe a shake of the phone to get a random shuffle name rather than pushing the button.

Amazing! Great for students of kabbalah and anyone on a spiritual path
Tara - Sarah

I love this app and all of the Kabbalah center apps. This is a great way to connect and always have the 72 names of God with you all the time. It's a great tool for self and to send e-cards when someone is in need of some support healing and love. I use this daily as well at the Daily Prayer app, Kabbalah calendar app, Kabbalah University and the Zohar. I am grateful to receive and share ;). Being a student of Kabbalah for the past 7 or 8 years has changed my life. Bah I recommend to anyone seeking a fulfilling and truthful and spiritual path.

The best!

This app miraculously always picks the perfect card for me each time!

For everyday use

So useful! I take advantage of it everyday in my meditation sessions. One of the first Kabbalah tools I have learned and kept using since then. I highly recommend it for all student levels. I choose one of the 72 names in accordance with my needs and use it as a meditation tool for a week to strengthen a specific consciousness level.

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