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Flexibility is the key to unleashing power and speed by increasing the range of motion active (agonist) muscles have to travel before they are held back by the opposing (antagonist) ones. Being more flexible can also reduce the chances of injury when exercising, though the biggest benefit will be in the way you walk and stand. This 30-day program will help you increase your flexibility.
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The program utilises a mixture of active (leg raises) and passive (holding the splits position) stretching techniques to give you the fastest gains possible in the shortest time.

If you have stiff hamstrings, locked-up hips, and a painful lower back; if you’ve tried yoga and stretching exercises, but didn’t see many results, then there’s a very good chance we can help you.



I’m only a couple days in and I’m already seeing big improvements. One the first day of me doing this app my splits went down a inch, and once again that was only on the first day! If u want to get your splits down this is the app! I’ve tried many apps for the splits but I end up deleting them bc they weren’t working and as I was downloading this apps I didn’t think it would work just like the other apps but I rly 100% does! So who ever made this app good job. ?

This is amazing!
Isabella A. 2345

So I had my right splits before getting this app and I was kinda of close to having my left splits but I’m stiff as a board, I mean I have a stiff back, bad arches...you name it?Everyone’s body is different and it may take longer than others to be able to achieve the splits. Some of us are naturally flexible and some of us are as stiff as a board. Take your time and don’t give up even if you don’t see improvement right away or even a week or so into the challenge, your body just has to get more and more used to stretching especially if you are a beginner. This will take time, patience, and effort but don’t give up! By the time I completed the 30 day challenge I had both splits and very close to my middle and I’m already working on my right and left over splits now!

Amazing that this is free!

I only just started using this app, but it’s great! It has a full month of programming for both forward and side splits, and has an explanation of each stretch included. Absolutely fantastic.


I am on day 2 of this and I really love it! I really recommend this app to any person trying to get the splits and any gymnasts that need to have the splits. I am a gymnast and I need to get more flexible to do some of the stuff so I got this app but I wish you could make one to get the back more flexible because I don’t have a very flexible back for gymnastics.

Not seeing results
abc cringe

I’ve been trying this for some time and I’m not seeing results. I used to be able to do the splits (5 weeks ago) but I injured my leg and I can’t anymore

No need for Premium

I paid for the premium thinking that this will add more options to the split workout, I was really shocked to find that the 60 days split is same as the Free front split but instead of 30 days we get 60 days, really !!!!!!!! * And why the same exercises for the whole period 60 days?! Just adding time!!! It would have been great if you made changes to the techniques from week to week while adding time . * when you create a custom workout you cannot Name it, Delete it or Modify it in case of any mistake. * when you create a custom workout you cannot rearrange the exercises or give more time to specific exercises. Finally the screen going off , really !!! In 2019 and we still have to turn the phone ON manually every few seconds just to keep training , why not force the screen to stay on during a training session so I can focus on my split instead of being frustrated to check the time every few seconds.


I don’t like the layout of the app. The sound was not working for the app so I do not know what that feature is like. The app uses pictures instead of video so it’s hard to tell how the exercise is suppose to be preformed. Also the lack of video means my phone does go into sleep mode unless I change the setting which, in my opinion, is a lot of work to use one app. It just isn’t the smoothest or user friendly workout app I have used. I did not even finish the first day because of how hard it is to follow. It is the most cost effective app I found for flexibility and I do want to learn the splits but after trying this app I rather pay to use a different app.


I’m on my 12th day of this and I’m seeing big results. At the first day I couldn’t do the splits at all... here it’s my 12th day and I have my left splits almost down. GET THIS APP

Really works
Judys jams

100% would recommend this app. It takes time, but on the 21st day, i was able to do a full split like they said. LOVE THIS APP!

Love it

There fun workouts even if you don’t get the splits in a week

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