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201 istories With videos World Famous Stories Collection Package

★★★★★201 World Famous Stories package (or) Stories Library ★★★★★
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201 incredible iStories+Videos with a HD graphics and Attractive interface.

its a World Story House!

Its a Story House at App Store which compete with major Stories Competitor.
✔All Stories in one app with Amazing videos.
✔High Definition Graphics.
✔Facebook Sahirng.
✔Quick Search for desire topics.
✔BookMark for Favorite topics.
✔For Story telling there is an EMAIL facility.
✔Easily Switching form one book to another book.
✔A very Realistic user interaction.
✔Tell A Friend about this app.
✔Feed Back for further changes.
✔Automatic BookMark to show the last read topic.
✔Designed for Story reading Addicts

1) The White Snake
2) Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves
3) The Golden Goose
4) The Brave Little Tailor
5) Katie and the Cat who Talked
6) Katie and the Invisible Umbrella
7) Katie‛s Black Friday
8) The Kind Gods
9) A Dark Brown Dog
10)The Black Cat
11) The Monkey‛s Paw
12) Alladin and The Magic Lamp
13) Coyote Kills a Giant
14) A Ghost Story
15) The Child‛s Story
16) Old Man And The Boy
17) Ťwilight
18) Gold-Tree and Silver-Tree
19) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
20) The Emperor‛s New Clothes
21) Skeleton in the cupboard
22) The Magic Flute
23) A Kidnapped Santa Claus
24) Goldilocks and the Three Bears
25) The Creation and Adam and Eve
26) Old Sultan
27) The Dragon Rock
28) The Frog Prince
29) King Grisly-Beard
30) Mr. Sticky
31) Little Red Riding Hood
32) The Princess and the Pea
33) The Red Shoes
34) Rapunzel
35) The Twelve Dancing Princesses
36) The Selfish Giant
37) The Little Match-Seller
38) The Ushuaia Rabbit
40) Two frogs
42) The Peacock and the Tortise
43) The Washerman and The Donkey
44) Birbal‛s Khichdi
46) Hansel and Gretel
47) Bobby the Mountain Climber
48) Grandfather‛s Coins
49) The Island Of Inventions
50) The Drawing That Talked
51) The Unlucky Merchant
52) The Safe
53) The Lottery
54) A Dog‛s Tale
55) The Ransom of Red Chief
56) Snow White
57) The Fisherman and His Wife
58) Thumbelina
59) The Brave Tin Soldier
60) Little Claus and Big Claus
61) The Happy Family
62) The Dream Of Little Tuk
63) The False Collar
64) Beauty Of Form And Beauty Of Mind
65) The Elderbush
66) The Leap-frog
67) The Ńaughty Boy
68) Saucy Boy
69) Ugly Duckling
70) The Story Of A Mother
71) Red Shoes
72) The Real Princess
73) The Swineherd
74) A Young Hero
75) A Haunted Island
76) The White Old Maid
77) Trojan War
78) The Blind Man and the Talking Dog
79) The Giant Builder
80) The Selfish Giant
81) ⒡ox And the Cat
82) The Golden Bird
83) Dog and the Sparrow
84) Cat Skin
85) The Little Peasant
86) The King of the Golden Mountain
87) Four Clever Brothers
88) Wolf and the Seven Little Kids
89) Miser in the Bush
90) Cat and Mouse
91) The White Snake
92) Lily and the Lion
93) The Goose Girl
94) The Twelve Huntsman
95) The Wedding of Mrs ⒡ox
96) Old Man with Two Black Dogs
97) The Golden Egg
98) Monkey and the Juggler
99) Why Cats Chase Rats
100)Greedy Dog
101)Prince and the Snake


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