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1Password - Password Manager is free iOS app published by AgileBits Inc.

Better when it begin to support rich text


1. I have been waiting for this feature for a long time. Will it support JPG or PNG files later? 2. But I do think a little bit more expensive to use 1Password subscription plan.

Works, Trusted - New update, Meh


A daily go-to app that saves time along with passwords. One of the few must have apps. Latested update automatically added "most recent" above Favs. Had to manually disabled that feature. Also it requires 4 taps to actually view a password from the Favs tab. The reveal password is only accessable by tapping through from a fav entry to its main login entry to access the reveal password pop-up.

1 Password; the best To A Point.


I have to admit that while I was having a trouble free time with 1 Password on all of my devices both desktop OS & IOS. I was having the most easiest time ever with my passwords. THEN IT STRUCK. FROM OUT OF THE CLOUD IT CAME, STEP BY STEP, ISSUE BY ISSUE. IM A BUSY MAN AND “I AM A PROCRASTINATOR, NO “AN UBER SUPER... MR. PROCRASTINATION” Agile bits got PO’d at me as I would write them scathing e-mails calling them terrible things like butt heads and republicans. Things you would not call your paper boy. Soon I was abducted from my home*(this is not true)* I was branded with an S on my buttocks. And P on my fore head. *(OK now I’m back to the truth)* I was writing theses emails 2ith fire in my heart, the truth, my experience. Then I would have to ship some of my paintings to Amsterdam, where my agent lives. I do this as to keep the freighted artwork from being mistaken for antiquities by Dutch Customs, which happened about 8 years ago and since I just go with them. So that I can keep from repeating the queered sale in which Customs had my works for 3 months, therefore, breaking the contract, and I lost a high 5 figure sales. Which in the long term worked out as the DS that called off the sale ended up buying the same tryptic for much more. Silly Village Idiots, they should shut down that school. the meat of the telling that is to reinforce that I am a hard cat to get a hold of. For instance Agile bits, who after such a drama e-mail, when they offered assistance, I never saw it until I returned home. Which sometimes can take a while because Scandinavia is such a sane place in this world. I Love it and the folks there. Anyway, times this by five , six times of the same script, and agile bits decided that I was a knuckle head and they are reluctant to even respond. Now here I an with the dreaded EMERGENCY KIT, only it is in .xls format, or an excel sheet. They want a CR to scan, well the instructions said I could save “THE EMERGENCY KIT’ in .xls. But now they say I can’t they want a CR to scan. WOW, ok, well I have a password a Order number a date of purchase for each device I use 1 Password on. Rather that I don’t use 1Password on as it will not run now because I have been banished to the Very Bad People Sector where life is oft times unbearable because Agile bits will no longer budge, I have made hateful monsters out of what was once a well organized consumer based technical support team which was based upon access to help, and I’m afraid that it’s all my fault that anyone having problems with Agile bits can turn and point at me and say “There He is, The Problem Child That Procrastinates, he is the root of our trouble, Let’s ignore him until he moves to Switzerland and goes through the “Swiss If It Is Not Swiss It Is Wrong” Syndrome, Which is a real bummer, I know I used to process film for Swiss und German (same same) Professional Photographer’s at the only KODAK R.I.P. Certified E6 Lab in PHX. E6 is what you all call slides, we call them transparencies or Positives. Anyway world I have mended my ways, (not really) but I-am sick of Dash 1 Password’s competitor. So 1 Password if you are listening Please forgive me . Punish me not all of these people. They are just as puzzled about your EMERGENCY KIT AS I BUT THEY DESERVE SUPPORT. So do I and if I promise to answer the next time you send me some true information about how to get my 1Password working like it used to I will be good. I promise.

Almost great


Love the features but the opening animations became pretty annoying as they show things down and degrade my user experience. I'd love if I could just disable them

Awesome App

Preetham Reddy

Ones of the best password managers

It's really nice

Why cant i get a name

It's really nice you can sync it with I cloud and it's not just passwords you can also store credit cards and other things there is paid version of it but the normal version is fine.

Great App


Works well just wish had better browser support for ios.

It works.

Boat Carpenter

I can’t say that I like the subscription model, but the price is not too bad, and I really like the real time syncing between phone and laptop. EDIT: I got a really good response from the developer explaining why the subscription model is necessary, given the recurring costs associated with the infrastructure necessary to make 1password work. He made sense, and wasn’t defensive about it. And by the way, I use this app every day and I really like.

Love it


It is now easy to use. I appreciate its flexibility foe use on my Mac, iPhones and iPad. I have a pc but have not yet installed it. I think this app is much more secure than Lastpass. Thank you 1Password

The older we get; the more we forget.


Great app! All the passwords kept in one simple place. While only needing to remember one.