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App has worked great until iOS 10

1SIM VoIP review by The truth or can you handle it

This app has worked perfectly up until iOS released now when using the app on Bluetooth there is a c...

Way2News - News, Short News


Way2News - News, Short News review by Saajiarie

Number one RSS app

Animal Sounds Free

Ok sorry for the bad review but...

Animal Sounds Free review by elizadanger

THIS MAKES ME SO MAD THEY CALL THAT CHIMPANZEE A MONKEY!!! No chimp should be called a monkey sorry...

Gospel Assembly Church - Indy

Works well!

Gospel Assembly Church - Indy review by whizbangreed

Just what we needed and works very well. Very happy with it.

Free Caller ID Ringtones - HEAR who is calling


Free Caller ID Ringtones - HEAR who is calling review by MoneyM3

I use to use this app now its nit available for IOS 11!!

Calling Baby

This app helps all of my built-up urges to call a baby.

Calling Baby review by Spiderman dies in infinity war

Hello I am a father of three children and my sons told me to download call of duty and though I’m no...

iTel Hybrid Dialer

I always use this program

iTel Hybrid Dialer review by Om2me

I have problems when i call any one it always closes please help me


Not Ready 4 Release

Skeletunes review by Hydro Readings

Premature Release !!! If this app would have a mic live option or path to voice memos this would...

Adding Tape Printing Calculator with virtual tape

Ads gone with purchase, thanks!

Adding Tape Printing Calculator with virtual tape review by cmarcmc

I use this 10-key with both thumbs, works about as well as my desktop machine. Highly recommended!

MiEspacio Móvil


MiEspacio Móvil review by rbortoni

Muy práctica aplicación

OYO: Search & Book Hotel Rooms


OYO: Search & Book Hotel Rooms review by suzanstha

how to redeem the refer n earned money

Ghost Detecting Tool Lite


Ghost Detecting Tool Lite review by AwesomeGirl365

Most ghost detector apps use "sensors" in your phone that are obviously random. The only two apps I...



MusicPaint review by Problems fixed

Can you fix the audio in it I have trouble playing it back

MoPac Toll Rates

It’s cool

MoPac Toll Rates review by saraKPupppyMaster2018

I really love this app! Simple and convenient, it makes my commute to work less stressful knowing wh...

StarT-High quality international calling with audio recording


StarT-High quality international calling with audio recording review by (u0sjmt)

good for ios and I think it is the only app I can record the voice during phone calling!!!!



iMatchColor review by Chzchop

Needs update. Can't pull up formulas

Equalizer Pro +

24 but 48KHz sounds like white noise!

Equalizer Pro + review by CAC1969

Wasted $3 on this app!

Baseball Stats Pro Free


Baseball Stats Pro Free review by gopstud

App only gives active players stats through 2014 season. Last season and updates for this season are...

Alien Worlds Music Visualizer

No Bluetooth

Alien Worlds Music Visualizer review by O-SKI-D

Can’t play music through Bluetooth speaker while using app

3D Popular Emojis & Emoticons

The best!

3D Popular Emojis & Emoticons review by manobeneito

I love this emojis,the are very funny