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ECG Challenge

Great study tool

ECG Challenge review by MDin2014

I like it!!! Nice layout, easy zoom, helpful and high yield scenarios. Was shopping for a while too,...

ECG Guide

Excellent resource

ECG Guide review by Tsnewt

I’m an acute care NP working in a cardiology practice for twenty years. ECG interpretation is someth...

mini ECG

Worked until the last 2 updates...

mini ECG review by sichos2

The history has no information on it. The last two updates were when this started... could. use more...

Let's Draw : Drawing App

Simple & intuitive

Let's Draw : Drawing App review by Qpuz

That’s what I needed

Animus - Harbinger

Why make it free when you have to pay for everything

Animus - Harbinger review by FRANSICO!

The game looks good but the fact that you have to pay for it entirely even though the game is free i...


Important review⤵️✅

SDFX review by sami_200_

Everything works great in ur magic app and it’s works perfectly in my iPhone 6 IOS 12.4.6 100%👌🏻 am...

Ricky Zoom™!!raise downloads by 10 times

Ricky Zoom™ review by Nagela Plaice

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can pro...

VGamepad Lite

Tooo many addddddddds

VGamepad Lite review by wrjskfhf

The second I lift my finger up there is an add

Horizon Companion

A must have

Horizon Companion review by Jeremy Beaver

Great for finding all these datapoints that you can’t even buy an in-game map for!

Just OK review by JRQuint64

As stated by other reviewer, Slow, But if not in a hurry, usable. My main gripe is connecting. Do I...


حلو البرنامج

Hotpay review by q8.fars.0


Solitaire Game.Halloween Free

I love it

Solitaire Game.Halloween Free review by Moni Ren

I never had issues with this game before until now. After a while it saying that I cannot play ? tha...

The ECG Collection

The ECG Collection

The ECG Collection review by Mmbeiruti

Unable to be compatible with iPad with iOS 12, please update this app as soon as possible to deserve...


lifenet consult app

LIFENET Consult review by Clint Noll

Great app from Physio Control

Physiology & Pathology

Beautiful animations, lacking content

Physiology & Pathology review by רָחֵל 武

The animations are very beautiful. But that’s it, both physiology & especially pathology section is...

Dog Town - My Pet Simulator 3D


Dog Town - My Pet Simulator 3D review by Loudmouth2004

Ther needs to be an update that update is ther needs to be a FREE PLAY mode

Puzzle Club

Fun and addictive

Puzzle Club review by Jessansian

Enjoy this game it helps pass the time when you are some place waiting forever. This is such a fun g...



HBCU HUB review by Jaywondon

This app is amazing, you can really talk to REAL college recruiters!!!

Heart Rate PRO


Heart Rate PRO review by elric IV

Place finger as instructed and… nothing. Never works.

ECG pocketcards

Don't buy

ECG pocketcards review by A barrier

False advertisement. Not helpful. Waste of money.

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