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expodo - easy camera control


expodo - easy camera control review by rMr.G.

5⭐️ Brilliant camera app! White balance adjustment and exposure warnings would be great additions...

MyHealth BofA

Zero stars is more fitting!

MyHealth BofA review by Esoom6

I had to pay $1264.90 in order to have my right knee replaced on August 18, 2020. For some stupid re...

Free Phone Call from Santa! - Greeting from Santa


Free Phone Call from Santa! - Greeting from Santa review by ❀️πŸ₯³β€οΈπŸ˜β˜―️

Not real santa😑😑😑😑😑

The Word For You Today

Can’t enter church code

The Word For You Today review by JasBoy58

Our church has the print version with the code to enter in the app. However I can’t find where to en...

Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn

Hello Agree

Billy Graham Evangelistic Assn review by 29Hunter

I have to agree in FULL with fellow reviewer JurrasicWorldFan223. This is a great app and I have to...

Hearts LITE - Card Game

Could Be Much Better

Hearts LITE - Card Game review by TexRokker

This card game is fine, but I find reading the cards played by each player very hard to read without...

Open Flow Pro

App calculates incorrectly.

Open Flow Pro review by tjh4242

The calculation for orifice discharge is not correct. The app uses the height from the invert of the...

Forj - Jewish Dating

Disappearing Chats

Forj - Jewish Dating review by Happy owner610

The app keeps losing the chats causing the chats to disappear. It has already cost me one match on t...

Virtual Assist

Wow, my claim was paid so fast!

Virtual Assist review by VP9chica

Thats the quickest I’ve ever had a claim taken care of.

Live in the D

Live In the D

Live in the D review by bobcatwoods

This show I have learned a lot. Where to eat, what entertainment is coming, new recipes to try and t...

MoleculE VR

Crashes and won't open

MoleculE VR review by Alana Daze

I was going to show this to my class for biology, we were learning about the same cells. I turned ou...

Banana Chat: Live Video Chat


Banana Chat: Live Video Chat review by josjyyyyfgg

literally the same fake girls and bots that are on every other app like this same usernames and ever...

Talking Phone - read any text and website!


Talking Phone - read any text and website! review by TallCaliGirl63

I’m having a throat issue right now and can’t speak. Was hoping your app could help. It does until a...


App crashes

MSUFCU Mobile review by Black dynamite95

Why everytime I open the app it just crashes without warning

OUCU Mobile

Needs improvement

OUCU Mobile review by Eprex

Texts have stopped working and Face ID does not work, although I think these are separate issues. Ve...

Tap Roulette + Shock Roulette


Tap Roulette + Shock Roulette review by Pei W.

Why is there only five star ratings for an app that gives ad every ten seconds and needs to pay to p...

Bath Time.

Can’t play it

Bath Time. review by Marlena Franks

Can’t play the game, it’s stuck on the babybus logo and just keeps repeating itself :(

Blurred lite - Create your own custom blur wallpapers


Blurred lite - Create your own custom blur wallpapers review by biknibras


My Family: Find Friends Phone


My Family: Find Friends Phone review by Nadia10101010

App is not working!!! Can’t get ahold of them. DO NOT GET... now i have to figure out a refund πŸ™„

Celebrity Look Alike: Face Art

No just no...

Celebrity Look Alike: Face Art review by OMG BAD BAD BAD

So every time I was trying to match up I matched up with no one and than I tried it with a friend an...