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The Advertiser.

So many advertisements must be why it's called The Advertiser

The Advertiser. review by timinusa

I require Australian news abroad so I downloaded this app. So many advertisements it was annoying to...

Blocks Mania Puzzle: Candy crossy block - Addictive 10/10 maze game!!raise downloads by 10 times

Blocks Mania Puzzle: Candy crossy block - Addictive 10/10 maze game review by Alim Garman

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can pro...

Countdown - Day Counter

This is amazing 🤩

Countdown - Day Counter review by kog1193

I love this app so much fun but wish you could put more characters than 100 otherwise this is amazin...


Would be a five were it not for the ads.

[email protected] review by @JGLemm94

Does exactly what a countdown app should do. I just wish I could disable the ads.

Dome Watch

Great app

Dome Watch review by wonky1776

Great way to track what’s happening on the floor. The notifications are helpful, I like being able t...

VTi HomeMate

Limited for now

VTi HomeMate review by Robgonz

It was fairly easy to install, if the screw fit. Couldn’t put on the wall so right now it’s on the f...


Unsure of what certain items in app do...

FINAL FANTASY XIV Companion review by Keira Mooncaller

Very unsure about what the purpose of Kupo Nuts or Mog coins do. It says you can use them in the mar...

ČT 24

Nespustí se

ČT 24 review by Phar9

Po dvou sekundách od zapnutí spadne. Ani nenaběhne.

National Post

Won't retain news articles if disconnected from network...

National Post review by Jon Vancouver

Why can't this app be corrected even after so many "updates"? If you download news to be read in ai...



Stiri360 review by Mimipepe

Se blochează și se închide singura... Ieftina.



al-Alam review by Mike147890

The best news agency on the Internet


Great app

iGeneration review by NickMottaret

In English too! Type lang:en in the search field to have Google Translation translate the news artic...

ČT sport

k nicemu

ČT sport review by Ondro93

absolutne zbytocne menenie aplikacie ktora isla predtym dobre, teraz nejde absolutne livestream tak...

IOL News

Total crap

IOL News review by Vicari0

Doesn’t load ! Just crashes on launch , forced to give 1 star but should be zero

Nag : Reminder Alarm

Immediately locks up

Nag : Reminder Alarm review by EJBreview

App does not respond to any touch/input. Perhaps the developers haven't checked if the app works on...

PulseMe: Heart Rate Monitor


PulseMe: Heart Rate Monitor review by jonnyusa2318

Why would you pay 90 $ a year for something can get for free in other apps? Plus this is fake

Insights App


Insights App review by Jls22339

Info on app is out of date. Need to refresh data and articles.

Occupation 2.5

Changes to the Underground Laboratory

Occupation 2.5 review by Seyomint

So far the balancing of the game has been nice to me. However I’ve gotten stuck in the Laboratory. T...

Tri Peaks Solitaire - Classic Relaxing Card Game!!raise downloads by 10 times

Tri Peaks Solitaire - Classic Relaxing Card Game review by Tavarous Copeland

This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can pro...

唐诗三百首 - Chinese Tang Poems

Great program!

唐诗三百首 - Chinese Tang Poems review by Dami Papaya

I love it listen to it every day!

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