App Reviews

Queen Of Space


Queen Of Space review by [email protected]

Just found out about this game & been addicted ever since the first play! The music compliments the...

Two Truths One Lie

Awsome game

Two Truths One Lie review by Lumplump669

It is an awesome and amazing game to play.I played it and it is so much fun to play.I love it such a...

Flippy Flappy Chicken Free


Flippy Flappy Chicken Free review by 73728

I only gave it one star because you couldn't give it 0 stars I hate the game so much don't waste you...

PAN: Escape to Neverland


PAN: Escape to Neverland review by Lefties

It's OK.the main points that I like are the beautiful graphics and awesome shooting mechanics.but wh...

DazzleJewel Free: match-3 gems,Jewels, Ruby & Diamonds puzzle game

No instructions

DazzleJewel Free: match-3 gems,Jewels, Ruby & Diamonds puzzle game review by Suuny7

No way to move gems and no instruction how to do so. Worthless.

What Time is it Mr. Wolf? - by Teacher's Pet

Not overly impressed

What Time is it Mr. Wolf? - by Teacher's Pet review by JTracy410

I expected an app that would teach my child how to 'read' a traditional clock which I think is so im...

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age

Great game

Pre-Civilization Bronze Age review by DOMINATOR175

This game needs more updates

Mercy: Stats for Overwatch

Uhhmmm No...

Mercy: Stats for Overwatch review by Angrycamb

So besides it not going past the loading screen when you enter a username your advertisements on the...

DynaMaze 2D


DynaMaze 2D review by Kurt Dekker

My name is Kurt Dekker and I wrote this game because I love to play twin-stick tank combat games. T...

Grand Piano Pro

Lots of ads, no sound

Grand Piano Pro review by Akai Azul

It doesn't work. It also shows ads every minute.

Tap Logo


Tap Logo review by Wynnah

This game is so much fun!! You have to know the games and be fast!!!

Extreme Airplane Dog Fights : Free

My dad is hooked

Extreme Airplane Dog Fights : Free review by Portales Lemensia

He loves my game


Classic game, great graphics!

Klondike review by Millennial2012

Cards look great on my Retina iPad! This is my go-to app for classic klondike solitaire.

Extreme Jobs Knight's Assistant


Extreme Jobs Knight's Assistant review by Hbjfvbrvnufvevbhfvjhdvjhc


Mosquitoes (augmented reality game)


Mosquitoes (augmented reality game) review by Melman81

Picture jumps around. Mosquito flight very jerky. Needs lots of work. Waste of a buck.

Cheats Guide For Castle Clash


Cheats Guide For Castle Clash review by MasterX2-5

Gives so much gems

Little Henry


Little Henry review by Kittybon90

This game is dumb if you want this don't try and trust me! :( P.S. I love bunnies

Trucks: Zombie Exterminators

Nice Game

Trucks: Zombie Exterminators review by Katlyn79205

Nice Game.Good graphics i play this when feel boring so its amazing game i play this game when i am...

Hologram Viewer

It won’t download anything

Hologram Viewer review by Fort driven

App says there is no internet connection and can’t download anything. All my other stuff connects to...

Switch It!

I swear...

Switch It! review by Jeesmm

I swear there is something wrong with this game. The game itself is addicting, it's the controls tha...