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Learn Chinese  with the Beandolls

Good in theory

Learn Chinese with the Beandolls review by Shonauk

Poorly run, so frustrating. I have made all the in app purchases, each chapter and every now an agai...

US TECH - Electronics Ind News

Very Nice App for Catching up on tech Lit!!

US TECH - Electronics Ind News review by Austin.Trunk.Monkey

The folks at Miliary & Aerospace Electronics Magazine should take some lessons here. This works on...

Alabama Toll-By-Plate


Alabama Toll-By-Plate review by jooflin

Stranded with no money or gas due to this app zapping my card balance without alerting me or providi...

GloboTel123 - Call abroad over WiFi and 3/4G

This is Day Time Fraud

GloboTel123 - Call abroad over WiFi and 3/4G review by Diani123

Please don't download this App, you will be forced to buy credits, please don't take risk. This is D...

Flashlight Super


Flashlight Super review by


Wallpapers for Pokemon Go Free HD

Pretty good app

Wallpapers for Pokemon Go Free HD review by buddha2016

Pretty cool wallpapers

Get VPN - Best Fast VPN Proxy


Get VPN - Best Fast VPN Proxy review by rDm2006


Alchemist Rose • for iPhone

Great App

Alchemist Rose • for iPhone review by PhiDeck

Finally updated for 64-bit compatibility. A wonderful app, loved by adults and children. Calms my AD...


Hate the ads

Islands‏ review by Transcendinglove

The Snapchat ads are cringy and annoying.

Blacklane - Airport Transfers

Sarcastic, smug and unhelpful

Blacklane - Airport Transfers review by Smetham

My girlfriend booked a driver to pick us up from Heathrow to take us into London. The driver was wai...

Candy Scratch - Sweet Prize

The worst app

Candy Scratch - Sweet Prize review by Methuki_k

You have to download other apps not like how the ad did it it’s a total scam. 👎👎👎

FortHelper for Fortnite


FortHelper for Fortnite review by Masked man 1011

I have been looking for a Fortnite app that is updated with challenges, this is the only one that I...

Cat Sounds & Dog Sounds


Cat Sounds & Dog Sounds review by insertion carpet

It’s a pretty good app, except for the fact that the duckling sounds like a squeaky toy, I hate thos...

Xtra Drive Mini

Photo transfer is only 1 way offloading from device.

Xtra Drive Mini review by Dreamerv3

That’s right you bought the hardware you downloaded the app and while you were able to copy your pho...

Indy Weather Authority

Runs very slow

Indy Weather Authority review by Copperroach5511

I have very good download/ upload speeds on my phone but this app is horribly slow.

Circle Track

Circle Track is the "Best"!

Circle Track review by Hogman53

I have always loved Circle Track Magazine when I was still racing and still love it since I have ret...

Incredible Wallpapers and backgrounds For Texture

Good app

Incredible Wallpapers and backgrounds For Texture review by SJDE-12121

This app is pretty darn good considering what else is out there.

Tap2Beat - Drum Pad Machine


Tap2Beat - Drum Pad Machine review by williamriverdale

One of the best music making apps I’ve ever met

YunGO International Calls


YunGO International Calls review by elodiegossuin

you can add an unlimited subscription by me to your application at a fixed price.

La Quinta Returns


La Quinta Returns review by repeat & repeat

This app is useless. Easier to call the 800 # and grind your teeth listening to the non-personal aut...