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CEO日报 review by Matt123Wan



Can't read if no money

FTChinese review by ncyry

It is recommended to sell the app to avoid wasting download time.

100ft Surveyor

Got paid! Dope

100ft Surveyor review by knight_riderz

Tried this out and it’s easier than dashing. Keeping my social distancing game on yo. Makin those Be...



VizMarket review by Golf diver

Super easy to use. It's a great tool for our business to business sales people. It's also quick and...

Radius Mobile

Excellent service

Radius Mobile review by Beautifully Sober

Exceptional customer service

LaBare of Florida


LaBare of Florida review by Pnptop

Hot app! Sexy studs....!


Crashes every time

Lauderserv review by Nomisela

Tried submitting a service request. Didn’t get past the main picture screen. Crashes every time.

Fasting Buddy

Waste of Money

Fasting Buddy review by MzBBR

I could not set timers to customize a fast for my specific needs. If you fast daily it works but I w...

Blue Buddy


Blue Buddy review by Anonymousgirl7

I just downloaded it. I like the set up. But the BMI chart section is very triggering. I feel like I...

FitMate Social

Great idea, poor execution

FitMate Social review by dtbnew

The closest person to me was 402 miles away. It also took forever for each page to load. The UI was...

Innotech Scale

Fix the app

Innotech Scale review by AleXISRod0904

I weighed myself this morning like I always do then I went to my trends like I always do. It was com...

iPersonalTrainer Lite

Best workout app!

iPersonalTrainer Lite review by Bark-N-Ali

I’ve tried them all and this is the best one. I think if you added these things you would destroy th...

myBuddy pet app®


myBuddy pet app® review by HKillian

I didn't know I needed something like this until I had it. With multiple pets it can be a challenge...


Worst application

MediBuddy review by Kmd2406

Even basic functionality not working properly. Eg. Can not address in address book.

MJ Buddy

Great App !!

MJ Buddy review by JenBugg

Very Useful, and great concept !! Love the New Update !!!!

Workout Buddies

Don’t waste your time

Workout Buddies review by Amapola_26

Can’t use an app nobody uses !



Lifting-Buddy review by dommgray87

It would be perfect if you could edit and actually see additional notes


Все нормально работает

Snowduck review by G🌞N

Все нормально работает

Workouts for Men

Don't get

Workouts for Men review by TD234321

You can use the app for one day then you have to pay 4.99 per session. Waste of money you're better...


So good

BoosterBuddy review by ruththemaster

My therapist recommended this app to me and it’s so helpful.

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