App Reviews

ABC Tracing Letters Learning How to Write Alphabet

Too Many Ads

ABC Tracing Letters Learning How to Write Alphabet review by Gazrielle

Deleted this after ten minutes, did not even get through the entire alphabet because of all the pop...

Melia – Hotel Bookings & more

At its best it’s broken.

Melia – Hotel Bookings & more review by \Drama

The app doesn’t work. Has several employees tell me never to use it. Ran into several lorem ipsum pa...

HD Music Parametric Equalizer

No audio

HD Music Parametric Equalizer review by BBrian48

Only time i ever asked for a refund from an app that can't even perform a simple function

GoToMeeting Messenger

Poor performance

GoToMeeting Messenger review by farafonov

App is performing very poorly. Takes forever to load content even on WiFi. Half of the times nothing...

All English Chinese Dictionary

Suddenly stopworking

All English Chinese Dictionary review by Money Goddess

used to be very good but no longer working started a week ago

Bubble Bounce - Heroes

Fun and Addicting

Bubble Bounce - Heroes review by pittsburgh17

This is a great game! You’ll find yourself wanting to play more just to beat the levels and high sco...

TOHO Free International Call


TOHO Free International Call review by Cccxxxxxcxx

You can't do anything. I rate this a -5

TecIdentify: MAPP Code Scanner


TecIdentify: MAPP Code Scanner review by hosam1

Its a joke

來電管家 Call Guard

Absolute rubbish app.

來電管家 Call Guard review by iYasserKhan

Nonsense app.

SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® 2017

Poor implementation

SCTE•ISBE Cable-Tec Expo® 2017 review by HiHoAgAway

Doesn't seem to cache event data, reloads every time and the network is congested at the convention...


Dont buy

AireTalk review by DMar21

This app didn't even let me sign up I cant read chinese So that makes it worse I, personally in my o...

Mitel Connect

Not mobile

Mitel Connect review by sub-zero

The app closes when the phone is locked. You won’t get calls or messages. So the main use of this...

PayIt Kansas

Are you kidding me

PayIt Kansas review by ks tax payer

Really? You have a app that won’t work with iPhones or Apple products. Totally incompetent on the...

Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player

App crashes

Auto Equalizer Mp3 Player review by Yurecords

I Want a refund

Polymnia: The Music Visualizer

Good, but

Polymnia: The Music Visualizer review by THE UDRIVER


Bible from with NIV NKJV KJV ESV NLT Amplified Message Chinese Spanish

Good reading

Bible from with NIV NKJV KJV ESV NLT Amplified Message Chinese Spanish review by Jackieofalltrade

The best thing I ever downloaded!

Farm Animal Sounds and Information Free


Farm Animal Sounds and Information Free review by Rhrufjjdjjd

I only heard one add within the first 10 minutes of playing this game. The horse sound is the best...


Amazing support

NumberBay review by Nathan/Beverly-Hills

This app delivers everything it promises with excellent quality. However, what impressed me most was...

Hunter Fan Visualizer

Needs updates

Hunter Fan Visualizer review by [email protected]

Some parts of the app work okay but others like the more details for a specific fan show up as blank...

Bacteria Scanner Fingerprint

This app doesn’t work/1 star

Bacteria Scanner Fingerprint review by Amy bueno

Me and my friend downloaded this and thought it would work. Turns out that it doesn’t,because first...