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I don’t know why Facebook keeps messing with this app. Each new update gets buggier and much more problematic. But apparently nobody works there anymore and it’s run by bots who don’t know how to fix bugs and problems but sure do know how to put users in Facebook jail for the most innocuous things (I got zapped for posting a video of the Stephen Foster protest song, “Hard Times”, because it violated their so-called “community standards”, whatever that means). If any real human beings happen to be reading this, your latest update has caused the app to cease working properly on my older iPad (iOS 12.5.5). Please fix it post haste, it’s becoming a real hassle to use such a bug prone app that goes haywire with every new update. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, the old saying goes. So stop thinking you’re making it better — you AREN’T! Stop throwing everything AND the kitchen sink into Facebook. Leave well enough alone, already! And fix what you have broken, please! Sheesh! ?
Review by SLBurnell on Facebook.

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