“I’m having trouble try later “ will make me throw Alexa out the window – Amazon Alexa Review

I listen regularly to 2 public radio stations and a podcast from CBC radio. I ask Alexa to play them daily, using the same command language. The stupid machine will find it x times with no problem and then can’t find it another xxx times until I repeat the command (in exact same voice/volume/words) and it has “trouble”. Sometimes I keep trying and sometimes I give up. By then I’m angry with a dang electric box. Often defaults to some godawful Apple Music that has nothing to do with what I ask for. Drives me CRAZY. Why can’t I ask Alexa to play the next episode of something I listen to a thousand times!!!!GRRRRRRR. Also when I ask for calming music, it will play a lovely set of classical type music but plays the same music in the same order as the last time I listened…like a record. Makes me hate it!
Review by outastate on Amazon Alexa.

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