Not sure what happened – IFTTT - Automate work and home Review

Got this app a few months ago. Ran it on iOS 14 and 15. This app is very hit and miss, mostly miss with the Blink app and the Ultraloq app. Have done everything suggested by ifttt. Restarted phone several times, deleted the ifttt app then reinstalled, reconfigured, disconnected it and reconnected and still mainly doesn’t work. This app costs a lot of money for it to work like this. I’d like to give it 0 stars but can’t. I think it’d be awesome if it’d just work, but this will be the last of my money they get. Unfortunately I get to look at basically a nonfunctional app for about 10 more months! Buy at your own risk.
Review by Ross_778 on IFTTT - Automate work and home.

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