No camera – VSCO: Photo & Video Editor Review

I have a 2020 iPhone SE and an iPad mini 4. I was under the impression that VSCO could take pictures with the built in cameras, and that i could control the shutter speed with VSCO. But there is no way to access the cameras (i have camera turned on under VSCO in Settings). According to the VSCO site there is supposed to be a Studio button on the upper left that i can use, but there is no such button, no camera button, etc. This app is basically a photo editor, and cannot be used to control the cameras. Their instructions on how to unsubscribe are for previous versions of iOS, so i cannot stop the automatic monthly withdrawals. Its reliance on unnamed buttons is confusing and difficult to follow and use. I do not recommend this unless you only want to edit and share pix with friends.
Review by LaCholulteca on VSCO: Photo & Video Editor.

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