Adorable Fun at a bargain price – Love You To Bits Review

A fun simple and innocent game of 28 levels. Great, and mainly for the younger set, but all ages can enjoy. It’s appreciation comes from the look and feel of each level which I call separate story boards, each with its own adventure and fun characters. The artwork is super cute and relevant to each board. A lot of thought detail and picture communication between characters in this platformer. You don’t have to think too hard as mainly you’re not solving the puzzles as much as you’re solving each board to move to the next. It’s not ridiculously challenging at all and not meant to be and some levels are pretty long and you have to find your way around before you figure out what you need to solve the level. This game is more for a relaxing in between harder games. Each board is fun, whimsical and light hearted with a cute story onto itself yet contributing to the love story as a whole. The music fits each board setting the mood and you can tell that some work went into making this game. It plays flawlessly on my iPhone 12. Two things to mention. 1) There might be no saving so make sure you complete a level and start the next before turning off the game or leaving your wireless location. I’m always on data so not as much of an issue. 2) Sometimes I wished I could double tap to speed up the character from point a to point b but that was only needed on long boards that I already learned my way around.
Review by Ncadmin on Love You To Bits.

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