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I love Auxy, the work flow is like a dream work flow I had years ago but lacked knowledge to applicationize it.... anyway, I am a music theory/ Edm knowledgeable person and I found this app on par with any desktop daw with the added bonus of a killer workflow. Bouncing to ableton the instruments don’t transfer so it’s better to do it as stems (or midi and then go recreate all those dope sounds) the audio can be a bit misleading in the app if you bounce straight to mp3 i.e. won’t sound the same on all stereos. To fix, turn your instruments down and rebalance at a lower volume or just re-eq stems in your daw. A cool feature to add would be the ability to do dj effects on the stems or if we could bounce scenes to say something like the notation launchpad app vs going to ableton then to pads for those of us who would like to be able to use the scenes as clips in ableton or similar apps. Love this program, I have made some of my favorite songs right there in the app.
Review by Music computer guy works great on Auxy Pro - Music & Beat Maker.

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Love it!