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Don’t get me wrong! I LOVE Trello and have been using the web version for a few years now. Today, for the first time in a long time, I tried it on my iPhone (Xs Max 14.2 - Trello 2020.15 [I think, I could not find an actual “About” page]) - disappointed and, quite frankly, very surprised. 1. Constant “nag” - “Keep up the good work, you can create new boards by tapping the + on top” - I am constantly needing to tap the nag window to close it. 2. I can find no way to see Team members. When I select a team I see it’s boards but not its members. 3. Home?? Home is totally counter intuitive (to me). It shows me “Getting Started - Stay on track and up-to-date - invite people to boards and cards, add comments, and adjust due dates all from the new Trello Home. We’ll show the most important activity here.” And that’s it. Tapping this notice does nothing. The only thing I have found to do on this page is to tap + in the upper left (no nag here though). But tapping + only takes me to a screen where I can create a board or card. I have found nothing I can do to make “Home” usable, or even make it show more than the “Getting Started” notice. 4. Close Board - I almost had a heart attack! I was on the Board Settings page of one of my boards. At the bottom was a “Close Board” button. I tapped it thinking I was closing that page. My board vanished and I was shown a window stating “The Board is closed” with a tiny “re-open” link. I dismissed the page. My board had vanished! I could find it nowhere. HORRIBLE UX! Something as significant as this action demands more attention! I went to the web app and managed to find a “See closed boards...” link at the bottom of by board list. Resuscitated!
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