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I have been using Trello for the better part of a decade, and recently I switched back to iOS after a 6 year stretch on Android. I LOVE the Trello web app. And the Trello Android app is exactly what you’d expect. Zero complaints. But for some reason, the iOS app has made some really question design decisions that may force me to stop using Trello for many of the things I use it for on a daily basis. For example, my partner and I use a card with checklists in it to manage our grocery shopping. I’m both the web and Android version of Trello, I can toggle “hide completed tasks” on a checklist, and the setting persists until I change it back. On iOS, the list defaults to showing completed tasks, which means I have to hide them EVERY SINGLE TIME I use the app. Infuriating. Also, there’s no way that I can find to dismiss the keyboard after adding an item to the checklist, unless you click “Close”, which closes the entire card. Why?!?!?!? I think Android is a fine platform, but the truth is most apps-and even some of Google’s own apps-are just a little better and a little more elegant. Not the case with the iOS Trello app. A real and profound disappointment as a long time user and advocate.
Review by tatatitita on Trello: organize anything!.

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