Beautiful, meaningful game – Love You To Bits Review

I can’t believe I just found out about this game!! I’m a huge gamer, from triple A games to indie games like Sally Face, Fran Bow, Machinarium, etc. Somehow this one slid right past me and now I’m telling everyone about it. I’m not sure I can really compare this game to anything, it kind of made me feel the way To The Moon did? Just be ready to break out the tissue box!! Also mega kudos to the devs for not making this a gacha game in any way. You will never see another $ sign after u pay for it and there is about 30 ish levels I believe? And each level takes me up to about 15 min. Basically what I’m saying is this is a complete game for a mere $4 with almost the same quality as all the other games I listed above. I highly recommend this game to anyone who likes indie, story, puzzle, point and click, or adventure games. I did read some critical reviews that the story was thin and shallow and that there weren’t any puzzles involved. I mean it’s true there is no dialogue and it’s only “memory” videos aside from the gameplay, but it’s still an amazing game. No it’s not Life is Strange but it’s still perfection in its own way. Also there is a lot of clicking but it’s a point in click lol, saw that complaint too. What did you expect? You can play mindlessly and just walk around clicking until you get it correct, or you can think about it logically and B line to the correct location to do the puzzle. No this game won’t challenge you like The Witness but it def still has a problem solving aspects. Anyway, if you go into it without comparing it or with a negative attitude, and just accept the game for what it is, you’re going to have a good time :)
Review by Jdawg8867 on Love You To Bits.

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